Sample Essay on Self-fulfilling Prophecy in the Movie Crash


If there is a movie I feel to watch from time-to-time is the movie called Crash. In fact, it is the best movie I have watched for the past. The movie is full of prejudice and stereotyping. This movie does not only reveal racism cases between white and black people, but also, that between Iranians, Koreans, and Latinos, the poor and rich and so forth(Frazier 65). The interesting thing about this movie is that each racism victim, was at one time guilty of the same. All characters in the movie have the assumptions that other people are preventing them from seeing he individual who is genuinely standing from their stereotype groups. Because of this, the audience of this movie are prepared to realize the establishment of self-fulfilling prophecies and real-life experiences of prejudice and stereotyping in our societies.


The most interesting scene in this film, is when two black fellows walk out of a restaurant. One of them goes into a rampage as he feels they were not treated well by the waitress in comparison to their white counterparts. The reason for this feeling is because they were not served coffee many times as to other customers. However, the other black man tells his friend that, they had not requested for coffee. Besides, he reminds him that the waitress who served them was black. While, this incidence, was happening, a white couple who seemed wealthier were walking their side. On, seeing the two black men, the woman took the husbands hand as they went to their car. Again, the black man pointed out this to his colleague by saying that the white woman as a racist and she did this just because they were black. Interestingly, a thought comes into their minds that once the white couples get into the car, they should run holding guns to their heads and, get them out as they go with the car.


This particular scene sticks to me because the black man in his conversation, he acknowledges that the white woman’s act was racist but she does not deserve to be intimidated using a gun. However, they go ahead and point out guns to them as they steal their car and this confirms the real reason why this white woman was afraid of them at the beginning. Evidently, from seeing the two black men, the woman expected them to behave in a certain manner that is not pleasing(Frazier 143). Therefore, based on her acts the self-fulfilling prophecy happened as this led to unplanned crime. Hence, from this scene we realize that some factors like cultural, gender and sex can influence perceptions on others.


Evidently, in this movie perceptual errors cause serious harm. This makes people to make wrong judgements as seen in the scene involving the two black men who felt that they were being discriminated. As well, some characters in the movie like the white woman, treated herself in a more charitable way thus judging that the black men may act in a certain way. Also, the other black who was not convinced by his ‘claims is easily influenced to do the wrong thing because he paid attention to negative impression. Finally, we realize that characters did not have a second thought even when what they were doing was wrong. For instance, if the white woman knew what her act could result into, she could have not acted in a manner that revealed racism against the black men.

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