Sample Essay on Providing Computer Technology to Underserved Youth

Computer education and information technology are a growing sector providing the basis for our current modern activities. There is need to enlighten the current youth generation on the importance and application of these information systems in modern life circles. Computer literacy levels in the developing and underdeveloped countries are below par with the world targets necessitating its providence in such regions. This social media marketing movement intends to enlighten these youth why they need to be computer literate and various application of computer technology as a source of income, especially to the idle unemployed youth.

The marketing campaign intends to focus on the youth in mixed communities in densely populated slums and villages in Calcutta in India. India is among the densely populated middle-income countries with a high youth percentage. The 2011 census indicates that 64% of this population is the youth (Everett, 2008). To utilize this unlimited potential and increase employment levels, computer technology and literacy are critical factors to spin this vision. Therefore, the providence of computer technology to the youth in the densely populated slums and villages will help improve their living standards and the economy. It has been noted that a major percentage of this youth depend on radio devices to receive current information with little utilizing internet social media like Facebook or Twitter. This provides the suitable option to enlighten the unemployed youth in these villages about computer technology and its importance. Reaching out to the local radio stations would help influence the low-income settlements through radio talks and campaigns. Creation of a social media page on Facebook and a link on Twitter will also assist in extending to the small youth fraction on these social media. Integrating both systems will enable the campaign reach out to the maximum number of youths in Calcutta. This permission marketing campaign will tell of the existence of computer technology and its vast applications (Evans, 2012).

Pitching the campaign on computer technology involves critical steps and assessment. The campaign is to focus on computer technology and its importance in the modern world. Getting to know the target population is key to the success of the campaign. Holding talks, forums and even personal interviews with the youths will help identify those on online social forums and those dependent on local radio or television stations. The pitch of the campaign is to enlighten the youth and provide them with computer technology. Therefore, the activities should spin around computer technology and the youth in focus.

In an interruption marketing campaign on computer technology, the pitch would be different from that one in permission marketing. The pitch in interruption marketing would be to find these underserved youth in Calcutta and inform them about computer technology. This would involve enticing the youth to subscribe to the campaign platform through the different media. In the case of local radio stations, the youth would be advised to subscribe to the campaign platform via the various mobile systems like the SMS. In the case of online social media, the campaign would identify the various groups on Twitter and Facebook and promote the campaign on computer technology through the subscription links and trends (Evans, 2012). The use of an interruption marketing campaign would achieve the targets of the campaign faster, but should integrate on building a long-term relationship with the youth groups in the Calcutta slums and villages.


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