Sample Essay on Pizza

Regarded as one of the world’s best cuisine, pizza is a favorite for many individuals. Prepared in different forms it has been consumed by approximately the rest of the world’s population without their knowledge that it is indeed pizza that they are having. The ingredients are varied depending on the taste and preference of individuals; it can be spiced with different additives giving it a different taste. The delicious taste that one is presented with when he/she takes the crust is so good that one can’t stop having it. If well baked the succulent aroma that accompanies an enticing savor leads to an excellent unimaginable experience. The exterior part of a pizza has a great influence in regard to attracting customers if prepared for sale. The number of food flavors and cheese placed on it makes it extremely delicious.

The ingredients used such as sausage, ham, and pepper give it that excellent taste that makes individuals yearning for more. Though pizza is to some extend gooey, but it maintains its delicious taste and aroma. The crunchy sound produced on the first bite of pizza is so soothing making one feel like he/she is on his own self-made planet. The external appearance is smooth with the toppings appealing to individuals’ urge for delicacies. Pizza can be designed in different dimensions according to an individual’s preference; this flexibility in design gives one the freedom to enjoy it accordingly. Due to the different spices that are used in preparing pizza, the soothing aroma that one is presented with when baking increases the yearn for it even before it is ready for consumption. The excellent characteristics of pizza make it a favorite and best meal for people all over thus the labeling, best cuisine.