Sample Essay on Islamic Feminism


This article discusses feminism within the context of Islamic faith. Islamic feminism has been under pressure from Islamic leaders who impose the Sharia laws and would be less likely to buy in their ideology. Iranian government has suffered a lot and to some extent lost most of its men in the community to the war leaving women to take up position in leadership and civil service. According to Islamic teachings, women are not entitled to work in some of these position hence raising a heated debate whether they should be allowed to participate in active politics and education or not. Therefore, Islamic feminism has been on the forefront in fighting for the rights of women (BBC). They include the scholars, activists and parliamentarians from both genders who feel and express their displeasure about the plight of Islamic women. Some of the scholars have teamed up with activist groups from other regions such as the united state to educate their community about the need to have liberty and individual freedom. However, the journey to free women from their traditional bondage has not been a walk in the park for many of the activists who have risked their lives as well as those of their family lives championing for women freedom.

Discussion Question

Liberty is one of the key factors to freedom for any country that practice democratic system of governance. Religion liberty is part of this system and should not be denied to people based on their gender. Iranian women have been segregated for a long time based on the norms and tradition outlined by the Islamic religion. Is it right to deny women the liberty to unveil, acquire education and attain freedom as demanded by Iranian traditions?

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