Sample Essay on How You Will Discover Buyer Persona Insights


Decoding and influencing decision-making lies at the core of all marketing efforts. Marketing is just one among many professions that attempt to discover why one option is preferred over another. The outline provides a practical guidance that every marketer, regardless of budget, can employ to gain insights into their customer’s buying decisions.

  1. Buyer interviews

Buyer interviews are one of the guides to discover buyer persona insights,

  1. Through the interviews you can see where the buyer’s needs intersect with your solutions.
  2. Through interviews you can engage buyers in telling in-depth stories about lengthy decisions.
  3. Through interviews you get the feelings of buyers.
  4. Interviews giver insights of  different buyers.
  5. Buyer personas are not subject to the confirmation bias that often occurs when research participants unconsciously provide answers they think the interviewer wants to hear.
 Objectives of buyer interviews
  1. To pay attention as real buyers give their own view.
  2. To know the mind-set of the buyers
2 Crafting the Low-Consideration Buyer’s Story

Marketers of products or services that involve little buyer consideration are unlikely to gain insights from this approach.

  1. Stories are a powerful means for transferring our experience to someone who hasn’t lived it directly.
3 Using B2B Salespeople to Build Buyer Personas

Sales representatives who are trained to be good listeners may help you to understand your buyer’s concerns, needs, and goals.

  1. Experienced salespeople have discovered that their attention to their buyer’s perceptions, success indicators, and resistance points can result in a winning account strategy.
  2. The nature of sales engagement encourages salespeople to treat every account as unique, and any input they provide is likely to feature something about the few deals in which they are currently involved.
The Pros of Buyer Surveys
  1. They provide a quantitative statistical reading of predetermined questions and choices.
  2. They are also used to identify buyer demographics, and the correlation of that information produces findings that can be helpful.
The cons of buyer surveys
  1. The survey method cannot reveal the Buying Insights that disclose expectations.
4 Focus Groups
  1. They are useful when marketers have identified a number of alternative strategies and want to know which of them is most appealing to potential buyers.
  2. The unique characteristic of focus group methodology lies in its ability to foster dialogue among a small group of participants and to use that conversation to build consensus or, in some instances, to observe closely as some of the participants split off into a separate group and argue for a competing perspective.
  3. Weakness of focus groups for buyer personas is that any form of group think distorts the individual perspective
5 SAP Gains High-Value Insights through Web Analytics
  1. The global spread of digital technologies, communications, commerce, mobile smart phones, and social media has given rise to the collection of massive amounts of information. Website experience captures so much of the buying decision from different buyers.
  2. B2B marketers can gain great insight into their Buyer’s Profile through online communities such as face book, LinkedIn, twitter and many other social networks.

Different methods have been employed by different marketers so as to understand buyer persona insights. Companies must aim to produce goods as well as satisfying customers. Customers can only be satisfied when marketers understand their insights so as to fully satisfy their needs.