Sample Essay on Half the Sky Synopsis

Half the sky is a movie that has been filmed and is about gender equality. It talks about women roles and how women have undergone oppression in some countries. Despite the government stand on such rights, oppression of women still exists.The series has been filmed from a book of the same title, Half the Sky. Gender makes women become easily vulnerable to violence. This is because most societies have not empowered women at all. Oppression of women in the labor force is a challenge and in most cases, women are seldom chosen over men. Opportunities for women are few, especially in education. For instance, in china, women are supposed to respond to their fathers before they respond to their husbands and probably to their sons at a later stage. The film also points out clearly that it’s through education, proper healthcare and economic empowerment that can save most nations from oppression.

Half the sky also points out the problems that affect women and are claiming lives of women at a high rate in the world. The linked problems, in this case, include sex trafficking, gender-based violence, prostitution and maternal mortality. The opportunity to make a change and do what is required lies in the hands of various states. Condemning women tosex trade should be avoided and education should be the ladder out of poverty for girls and women. Women and girls should be treated as equals whether in the job market or in any place that has opportunities. They have been able to air their views and this has greatly improved their state of being in the various states all across the world. As it is seen in the film, there is so much difference between the western women and women all across the world. Women and girls should be respected across all aspects of life ranging from education opportunities to economic opportunities.