Sample Essay on Can International Law Help Establish Lasting Peace?

Conflict is inevitable in all levels where human beings interacts with each other and organizations, and ranges from interpersonal to different ethnic groups and international though, it should not necessarily results into violence. Because of the unending nature of conflicts in international relationships, international law is unavoidable which acts as a center of disciplinary actions and deals with global peace and order within and among nations. Guidelines and principles concerning the formation of international law are based on globally accepted moral standards and values. International law represents the importance of progressing towards civilization where world is ruled by law contrary to ruling through applying force hence promoting establishment of lasting peace among the human beings.

International law has played major role in abolishing war which was in past years treated as a necessary part of life among human beings, but as a result of these laws, the abolition of civil war has been necessitated promoting civilization when dealing with conflicts hence avoiding violence and promoting peace. International law has played major role in dissipating the clouds of ignorance, prejudice and vested interest in social and political context which stands in the way of hindering the achievement of world peace and harmony. It borrows a lot from principles of peace which are expressed by great peacemakers, religious, ancient writings and other disciplines, customs that support peaceful coexistence.

International laws helps human beings appreciate values and principles observed by diverse communities worldwide, understand international standards which all countries should adhere to secure and maintain respect to human rights and maintain peace among them. These laws also govern the manner to which countries treat their citizens and enhance nation’s needs for recognizing rights of individuals. They lay down a foundation of generally accepted norms and behavior globally hence promoting lasting peace worldwide.