Sample Essay on Approaches to Effective Leadership

Leadership varies from person to person with some individuals possessing the attributes from the momentthey are born and others making the acquisition of the leadership traits through various encounters in life. Great leaders  born will at one time in life revealtheir leadership attributes even if they pass through challenging life stages. In life, what oneshould do as a leader is to demonstrateone’sskills and make transitions in life from level to level without keeping in mind the challenging situations you go through. Leadership entails consideration of the society needs, the wayone’sleadership will affect the society and one’srole in different situations when to the potential interventions are possible (Komives&Wagner, 2016).

Different approaches have emerged to leadership and views on leaders vary substantiallyfrom one society to another. As seen in such leaders asBarack Obama, great leaders are born, and their personality never fades despite experiencing the seriouschallenges in life (Gayle,2011). Another approach toleadership is that of a group, in which leadership seems to be acquired from knowledge and improved in life. Obama as a leader could provide his opinions and views and also accept the situations when he was despised. A great leader will learn from any despise of a group and determinea solution to his/her problems which result to seriousimprovements in life.

The effectiveness of a leader significantly depends onthe way the leader can mentor and inspire followers, motivate those who seem to give up and being able to evaluate various alternatives (Gayle 2011). A great leader will always set morals that can be followed by both his/her juniors and seniors. Leaders need to rely on the strategies that ensure their decisions are wise and able to inspire which will enable them to manage groups.




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