Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Social Media is Changing the World, and so is Influencer

It is true that the greatest portion of internationally circulated culture has been U.S. pop culture, which transmits across world communities through films and the mass media. Pop culture is complex, with extensive social effects such as the influence of violence depicted on television on children and the roles of certain types of music in causing violent behaviors among youth. I think that the chapter ignores the changing nature of modern pop culture due to advanced technology’s enablement of personalized content and changing mass media patterns. The author argues that U.S. Americans have a unique position in relation to popular culture since the products of U.S. culture are famous and circulate widely internationally. The chapter’s argument that U.S. Americans face little exposure to popular culture from other societies in the world is ignorant of the emerging role of social media in pop culture (Furedi, 2014). Citing several cases of sources of outside influence on U.S. culture such as Enrique Iglesias, Wycliffe Jean and Shakira, the chapter argues that the global pop culture scene is largely one-way, with the U.S. influencing the rest of the world. The text argues that even when outside sources of pop culture influence have tended to be strong, they have required the authority of U.S. influence to acquire vitality in influencing the rest of the world, such as the case of James Bond, originally from Britain.

The rise of social media has altered the traditional model of pop culture, with diverse experiences of individual lives in local communities and other cultures outside the U.S. influencing popular culture (Furedi, 2014). As an example, there is rising anti-U.S. sentiment and intensive focus on alternative culture to that of the U.S., especially in the past decade. U.S. cultural influence has been declining as people around the world turn to social media for ideas and information. Rather than movie and film stars in the U.S., modern pop stars are largely You Tube stars (Kutchinsky, 2014; Article, 2016).


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