Sample coursework Paper on How People are a Valuable Resource

People forms the human capital in organizations hence should be treated in the best way possible.  This means that without human capital or people, other resources such as the machines would be non operational. Therefore, a firm will not be in operation thus making loss. On the other hand, employees and people from the surrounding forms part and parcel of the company’s customer. They consume the products from the firm an action that enables business continuity. An example is where Coca Cola Company engages employees and customers in its corporate social responsibility initiatives to improve social status of its consumers. The company benefits from increased sales due to the positive image dominant in the market.

Dimensions of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

The dimension of citizenship behavior indicates that employees conduct themselves in a manner to portray their loyalty and devotion by obeying the rules and regulation adopted by the business entity. These activities boost an organization in one way or another but employees are not guaranteed for their compensation. Their behavioral attributes includes voice, civic virtue and boosterish. Having a voice is speaking up in case an error occurs or is detected. This may involve an employee’s speaking up on racial discrimination going on within an entity. Civic virtues on the other hand refer to workers participation in organization activities such as engagement in sports activities. Lastly, we have boosterish which denotes proper and good representation for a company. An employee acts as an ambassador of a firm which is in absentia thus helping to build the organizational image.

Job Performance

It is a tool applied by an organization to ascertain the productivity level of its workers. It concentrates on task performance, counterproductive behaviors and citizenship behaviors. The reason as to why firm perform this activities is because employee’s behavior and productivity affects the firm’s welfare. In evaluating task, management look at the specific job an employee is assigned to perform. Citizenship behaviors are connected to employee loyalty while counterproductive behavior accounts for the employee social life at work.

Job Characteristics Model

It is one of the tools used to design employee’s jobs that increase their motivational factors. The model includes skill variety, task identity, autonomy, task significance and feedback. Skill variety is a characteristic that requires utilization of multiple skills. A cashier will collect money, keep records and pay cash at the same time. Task identity outlines the limits in conducting a particular job. A cashier should not perform clerical work. Task significance tries to point out the usefulness of certain jobs. Hospital cleaners ensure that patients have a favorable environment at all time hence significant. Feedback shows the effectiveness of workers. Supervisors direct workers where they error as they perform their job. Autonomy refers to self-regulation where employees make decisions on their role execution. Junior workers in a mechanical garage are delegated to execute their mandate depending on customer’s request.

Video or OB in the News Presentation

This video shows mike having fun and loving what he does every day. He creates humor at workplace hence able to relate with other employees well. Employees feel at ease when they are given the opportunity to make their own decision. This is known as delegation and the end result is a motivated workforce as shown in the video. Thus, organizations should focus on delegating authority.