Sample Coursework Paper on Discussion Board 6

When managing a proposed system in an organization, there are significant points that the stakeholders ought to know. This is to facilitate better understanding of the significance of using a structured systems analysis approach for the project. The stakeholders need to realize that this approach is divided into stages for intensive management (Das, J. & Hammer, 2005). The stages further help the users comprehend the steps, requirements, and products of the system. The small portions assist in meeting the set objectives. Furthermore, this system is straightforward (World Bank, 2001). It is also simply understood by the developers. The approach helps in performing the activities in a progressive manner.

Systems control approach helps in improving the control and management of the project (Das, J. & Hammer, 2005). All categories of staff are adequately incorporated and actively participate in the project. Therefore, the experienced staff is given an opportunity to apply their expertise while the inexperienced staff acquires a chance of obtaining experience. Through this approach, advanced quality systems can be developed. This is achieved by examining the project’s strengths and weaknesses. By applying this approach, the project becomes resilient to the staff loss. Projects can be implemented by the use of computer-based apparatus such as the computer application software systems. Good communications are made possible by the respondents in the project (World Bank, 2001).

To prioritize these points in terms of their significance, the division of the system into various stages comes first. The stages are part of the main features that differentiate the system from other approaches (World Bank, 2001). The opportunity to introduce computer technologies such as the application of software follows. This significance highlights the modernity of this approach as compared to the rest of the systems on the market. The significance is closely followed by the benefits of the system to the staff. Thereafter, the need for good communications with the participants comes next. Lastly, the need to control and manage the project follows. Other systems can also attain this demand.



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