Sample Coursework Paper on Communication

Technology enhances the audience’s opportunities and abilities to listen by strengthening the clarity of the message, enabling the listener to perceive the message better. Technology that amplifies sound, such as electronic amplifiers, increases the volume and pitch of sound, enabling the listener to perceive the message clearly by making hearing comfortable and convenient. Hearing aids enhance the abilities and opportunities of people with hearing problems such as hearing loss to listen by amplifying and transforming sound in the environment to make it more intelligible. Technology also has a limiting influence on opportunities and abilities to listen through disruption of the hearing process. Use of technologies such as mobile phones and laptops during communication or malfunctioning technologycan disrupt the process of listening by diverting attention from the message or undermining the quality of communication.

Q.2: I think that the assessment that women adopt a people-oriented listening style while men show a content-oriented listening style is generally valid based on gender differences in psychological and emotional orientations. Women are generally more compassionate and emotional than men, displaying a higher psychological focus on interpersonal relations than men do. In terms of the processes of cognition and decision-making, men generally undertake decision-making with little focus on emotions and personal relationships, instead focusing on the practical aspects of the choice, while women generally incorporate factors relating to emotions and personal relationships. This means that in terms of listening styles, women are likely to demonstrate concern for others and their feelings, show empathy, and use appeal to emotions in arguments and decision-making, while men are likely to focus exclusively on facts, evidence, and the broader non-emotional aspects of available alternatives, seeking a solid logical argument in decision-making.