Sample Case Study Paper on Communication

Joyce Meyers,

Communication Manager,

Rice-a-Rolly, Ltd.

1464 Cathedral Lane

Halifax, NS  B3H 4L4

(902) 555-4463


15th January, 2017.


Albert Walker,

Customer service representative,

Kitchen to Go Ltd,



Re: Purchase of Company Products

I am writing to express deep interest in some of the products offered by your company. The primary reason for selecting your company is the reputation it has about high quality products. Your company’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly products aligns with one of our objectives to promote green technology.


Rice-a-Rolly Limited is a mobile food company, which is committed to sell fresh sushi at Halifax Regional Municipality. We also offer catering services to offices and residents. To effectively serve our clients, we intend to expand our operations and have a constant supply of necessities. Among the products that we require include take-out containers, serving dishes, cutlery and napkins. To make our purchase decision more accurately, we need information about the products.


The company needs a price list for your products, which will act as a guide to the quantity to be purchased. We intend to purchase the products in bulk as soon as possible. The following is a summary of the questions that we need more information about before we can sign a business contract.

  1. Does the company ship its products directly to the clients’ offices?
  2. What are the costs involved in shipping bulk products to our company offices?
  3. How long will it take for your company to ship the products?
  4. What are the materials used to make the products sold by your company?


We look forward to entering into a long-term business contract with your company. Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,

Joyce Meyers,

Communications Manager.