Sample Case Study on Routine Email

Mr. Otto,

Would you please cancel the towing fees you sent to Rice-a-Rolly Company for the services rendered in early December 2016. This request is according to the prevailing membership policy in your company. As a federation of nine clubs, your company offers its members with exceptional emergency roadside service, among other services. Rice-a-Rolly Company is a member with the CAA Plus membership and therefore qualifies for any vehicle services rendered. As the Office Manager, I perceive that the invoice was sent wrongly to us.

It is indeed true that our truck broke down on the highway at Bridgewater, NS in early December, 2016. My partner, Mr. Toh, called your roadside assistance number for assistance. One of your customer care representatives promised us that a technician would be at our service in thirty minutes time. The technician came two hours later and still failed to offer us the desired assistance. Instead, your technician towed our track to your garage since he failed to determine the main problem for the breakdown. Despite the fact that we were running late, we patiently followed the truck to the Open repair garage at Halifax. This is because we value your company as business partners and since your company has been great in the services rendered. Besides this, your policies state that you endeavor to fight for issues that affect your members, including road safety, mobile infrastructure, and consumer protection.

I believe that the truck break down on the highway was among the services we were to benefit from your company. I hope the facts mentioned herein are true and supportive. Kindly get back to me for any more information. I look forward to receiving your feedback soon.



Erickson Miles

Office Manager.