Sample Business Plan on Alternative Solutions

Problem Statement

Workers are disgruntled and have lost morale because of fatigue caused by strains from being understaffed despite the huge workload. They are also under pressure to deliver high-quality service even out on extra hours with less than satisfactory compensation. The personnel feels frustrated with the working conditions. Failure to compensate for overtime implies that it is a matter of time before the organization is sued for violating the rights of employees. These issues translate into the degradation of the quality of service thereby implying that the organization is not meeting its objectives and fulfilling its vision. Also, it is becoming less competitive and will eventually lose customers.


Alternative 1

Increase the number of staff members to perform the daily duties. In respect, the organization would need to employ 1 assistant store manager, 2 sandwich assemblers, 2 cooks, 2 drive-through windows, and 1 shift supervisor. The two cooks would reduce workload by cooking a large amount of food in a short time while the two drive-through windows would ensure that customers are served quickly without having to wait in queues for long and the others would increase the productivity of the time thereby eliminating issues of being overworked.

Alternative 2

Improve the working conditions by increasing the amounts paid for personnel per hour and offering gifts weekly for each employee. A wage increment would boost the morale of the people who lagged behind in performance and also prevent future lawsuits against the company for violating workers’ rights (Hung, 9). In turn, the productivity of the workers could be expected to increase as well as the quality of service delivery since everyone would feel adequately compensated for individual hard work and feel loved and cared for as well.

Alternative 3

The company can start paying workers for duties discharged over time and appoint one of the stakeholders to be in charge of workers’ welfare. This individual will listen to grievances and complaints of employees and report to the management periodically and identify the best performing worker to receive the monthly reward. Paying for overtime is a fair deal for these employees and would ignite contentment and happiness among employees (Hung, 13). Since many employees had numerous complaints, it is important to set an open channel for communication with them so that the management is constantly aware of their challenges, opinions, and desires as far as service delivery is concerned.

Alternatives Criterion A: Employee contentment and satisfactions Criterion B: Fair Compensation system Criterion C: Healthy relationship between management and Employees
Alternative #1 Pro: Increased level of productivity due adequate staffing and reduced incidences of indiscipline, complaints and fatigue. Pro: Prevention of future lawsuits as a result of poor working and violating workers rights Pro: A good support system for employees
Con: Some employees may underperform without being noticed by the supervisor Con: Amount of profits gained by the company would reduce due to increased expenditures on wages and salaries Con: Complacence with employees that can lead to disrespect and taking advantage of management
Alternative #2 Pro: Improved quality of service delivery Pro:  Attract high level of professionalism among employees Pro: Zero friction or work related lapse from workers
Con: Increased workload on employees during overtime Con: High expectations and demands from management which may not be met Con: Possible damage on this relationship if the workers demand further increment of their wages in the future
Alternative #3 Pro: Employees would feel loved and care for thereby capture the vision and mission of the company. Pro: Workers would feel motivated to put in extra efforts because the company recognizes their extra work Pro: Peaceful coexistence which translates into increased focus on work related matters
Con: Employees may feel less pressurized thereby relax their efforts Con: Possible financial losses if returns during overtime are low. Con: Some workers can take advantage of tranquility in the organization to steal

The Best Alternative

Increasing the number of staff members as delineated in alternative 1 is the best way to move forwards. The main problem is understaffing and all others issues such as fatigue, and long working hours with low pay emanate from it. By increasing the number of personnel, the company can plan how workflow on daily basis without having to strain on any person. The workers can be instructed to work in shifts hence no need for overtime. Consequently, the company would not have to incur the cost of paying employees for duties discharged during overtime. This alternative is the most cost-effective way of improving the quality of service delivery and stopping overworking of employees.

In conclusion, this article focuses on finding solutions for compensation issues in the Golf and Burgers business. It comes to light that the main issue stemmed from the fact that employees did not receive adequate compensation for the large amount of work they were made to do. The best solution, in this case, is to increase the number of workers to reduce the workload so that the compensation given can match the amount of work done.

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