Sample Book Review on Writing Effectively

In his book, Writing for Electronic Media, Musburger explores the key issues imperative to effective communication on both the print media and the internet. He enumerates on the unique presentations of information on the radio, television, newspapers, and the internet. I contend to his view that duplication of broadcast copies is ruining internet information. Writing for the web entails timely updates of information every minute hence making copies of radio or television scripts destroys the primary goal of fast delivery. The primary aspects Musberger considers are the competent skills a web writer should possess. As the book is concerned with writing for electronic media, Musberger shows the need for the writers to incorporate research skills in writing so that the content is delivered to the target listeners when required.

According to James Stovall, there are various necessary skills required by a web writer. He calls for accuracy, precision, and efficiency in presenting the web news with a high sense of clarity. Stovall primarily focuses on the need to catch the web user’s attention by presenting information quickly with effective use of headlines. I agree with the author that web information should proffer timely news. The prime use of headlines in web writing is vital as users are always in a hurry to get breaking news. In chapter 11 he urges web writers to stick to current news for proper public relations information to be achieved. Web writers should plan the information in a way the users will be easily attracted.

Both Stovall and Musberger have expanded their knowledge of mass media information delivery especially the presentation of web information. The web has become a ubiquitous source of information hence the writers should be well informed about the urgency and accuracy of the information.