Sample Assignment Paper on Experiential Learning Activity

Discussing human sexuality with your inner circle”

Participants: Male age 22 (M22), Female age 19 (F19), Female age 16 (F16), Male age 18 (M18) [all participants answered each question]


Question 1: How do you understand the term ‘sexual communication’?

M 22- This is a form of communication between couples of romantic friends with the aim of getting into sexual relations.

F 19 – This is a form of passing information where the man seeks to capture the attention of his woman friend

F 16 – Any form of passing romantic information mainly with coded forms for people in romantic relationships

M 18 – Sexual communication is the act of man flirting with his woman or showing the desire to have a romantic connection with her


Question 2: how often do you communicate with your significant other?

M 22- I use this form of communication whenever I need to engage in an amatory activity with my woman friend

F 19 – I always communicate with my man in this form since I have to engage his mind because he is my boyfriend

F 16 – I prefer using this language wherever we are together, especially in private

M 18 – I use this form of communication wherever I meet an attractive woman or when some female friend is interested in me


Question 3: Why do you communicate to your significant other using sexual communication?

M 22 – To show my girlfriend that I seriously need her

F 19 – To show him love

F 16 –It is our form of communication

M 18 – to convey a specific message especially when I need her attention


Question 4: what challenges do you encounter in communicating with your significant other?

M 22- At times she does not take me seriously and keeps ignoring me. This is so annoying.

F 19 – He fails to take me seriously especially when I use the verbal communication only. He assumes that he is always right and that all I need is more of his attention

F 16 – Distance is one barrier since body communication is often misleading whenever the other partner is far off.

M 18 – I am at times confused when she uses both verbal and body language because these forms are confusing without clear differentiation



The major difference in communication between the genders is the varied perception of the purpose of communication. The females in the study communicated to their associates to improve their social relations and enhance their relationships. Men, on the other hand, preferred verbal communication to put forth dominance and derive tangible results. In general, the female participants were more expressive, tentative, and polite in their communication, unlike men who were categorically assertive, and powerful. Communication from the female gender was realized to be more interactive with the romantic associate while men preferred their independence to communication. Talking about problems and issues was easily possible among the women as an approach of creating intimate bonds with the intimate associate.