Sample Article Review Paper on Organizations

The article posted on 4C Blog on November 5, 2013, by Jacqueline McClellan as the main contributor, sheds light on some of the key reasons as to why an individual ought to join a professional organization. McClellan attests to the facts that organizations are a central setting to promote both personal and professional growth and development through strong networks and information available in the corporate world. As such, she provides ten main argues why people should join professional corporations.

According to McClellan, there is no other better way to take charge of a career without joining an organization. This is because corporations have resources and environment to enhance career development. Then again, they are a perfect setting to enable an individual to broaden his or her knowledge especially through seminars and training and development programs given to employees. Given a chance to join a corporation, it is the start of better things to come since experience gained and career resources are important to create a good impression on future employers. Further, working in an organization enables one to be inspired and work with motivation to achieve both personal goals and those of the organization.

McClellan goes further to acknowledge the role of organizations by saying that they enable people to meet new people and make friends and also expand their networks. An organization creates leaders, mentors, and gives the chance for corporate individuals to give back to the community. I find the article interesting because it not only gives the reasons to join the corporate world but also motivates people to embrace professional careers because they are important for both personal and professional developments.