Sample Article Review Paper on 14

Marketers apply forecasting when they are to determine the price and the size of their products they are to sell. Forecasting is simple to verify for future developments. It is also practical in the analysis of problems. Forecasting is a warning indicator for future challenges. It is also a tool for predicting market trends and growth. It is better to predict the profit margin before realizing the goods. The value of the product can easily be determined through forecasting. However, this method may be biased as the true value in the market may be overlooked. It does not capture the reality in the market. It is also complicated to determine turning points. Forecasting demands data for more support, which may be unavailable at the beginning.

Among the approaches evaluated by Printout are the price, the cost, and the quantity of the products. I prefer her strategies. They are comprehensive in the analysis. She has evaluated the income levels of the public in relation to the obesity rate. She has realized that the income level is inversely related to the rate of the obese among Americans. Thus, Americans earning less than $25,000 are more susceptible to obesity than those earning more than $60,000 are. She has also determined the education level. Americans who are more educated have fewer chances of becoming obese than the lowly educated. Printout has determined the cost of producing the product.

In forming the package count, I would determine the particular consumers to be reached. This determination will guide me in choosing the right approach. The effectiveness period is also of high significance. The total cost of the product must also be determined in relation to the identified consumers. Therefore, the 12-week regimen for the 4-week delivery would be my ideal choice. This is because consumers are expected to attain its effectiveness within this period. In pricing, I would prefer the $75.00 for the 12-week regimen. This choice will take care of the low-income earners who are obese. It will also take care of the less educated. Market competition will be catered for as the cost is will attract more consumers to the Metabical.

Printout ought to consider the present market trend. According to her analysis, she has highlighted the use of herbal regimen. She has however failed to capture the number of people drawn to this regimen, as they are known to have fewer side effects compared to the market drugs. Printout therefore needs to incorporate the price strategy before settling on the chosen regimen. Failure to capture this data may result to reduced profit margin due to low demand for the drug.