Sample Article Review Paper on 11: Metabical: Positioning and Communication Strategy

Answer One

In terms of comparison to the current weight-loss options, Metabical is more revolutionary and meeting the raising needs by millions of persons with the objectivity of losing moderate weight-loss. Unlike the other current weight-loss options, Metabical has received FDA approval, hence is more useful as a method towards achieving desirable weight and overall health.

Answer Two -0

The forecasting methods presented by Printup exhibit both pros and cons. In the case of pros, they all have a resultant increase in the volume of sales. This is because effective forecasting on the right clients for the weight-loss drugs is established and emerging reality in the future, hence more sales. They provide the best methodology in making target for the established drugs. The different elimination strategies leave these plans with the most probable clients, hence the right target.

They raise accountability levels with respect to resource usage and allocation. Although the whole process consumes resources; funds, they clearly show how the resources were used in the forecasting process. The methodology applied in conducting the forecasting raises the level of clients’ confidentiality towards these products, hence long term gain with respect to client retention. The first con of these forecasting methods is that they are time-consuming. A lot of time is used in undertaking the entire process of consumer and sales prediction. Finally, it uses or rather exhaust a lot of resources in making the various procedures that are outlined for realizing effectiveness.


Answer Two -1

If I had to estimate demand for these products, I would choose one of these expected approaches; considering those individuals who were overweight in the United States, between ages of 25 to 30. This is because it narrowed down to the most probable individuals thereby reducing the risk of resource wastage on non-potential clients.

Answer Two-3

When making decisions, some factors that I would take into account include the duration by which majority reached their stage of weight loss and level of dose formulation. I would recommend “blister”-style package since it gives the room for its users to keeping the dosing track through consideration of each pill.

Answer Two-4

I would consider pricing strategies that have options concentrated on the quality to consumers reported to have succeeded in going through the programme. The advantage of these procedures s that they lead to effectiveness in resource setting prices since most appropriate market size is will have been developed. Their disadvantage is that they may lead small sales since the pricing strategy may target few clients. Due to this, I would recommend for pricing plans with options with respect to consumer’s quality reported having success in completing the programme.


Pricing decision has an expansion as well as increasing effect on profitability since they increase the level of revenue generation and reducing costs.

Jack Cafferty a CNN journalist and presenter of the Cafferty Files, once commented that the reason why Chicago had lost its bid to host the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro was because, the former had fat people while the latter had skinny women in bikinis. Although, Cafferty was merely mocking Chicago’s loss, his statement captured the problem of obesity in the United States. Quelch and Beckham, (2010) confirm these when they note that the rise in the rate of obese Americans caused concern not only for the government but in the medical community as well. The resulting business opportunity that arises for pharmaceutical companies aiming to tap into the existing market however presents a number of challenges. This is the predicament that Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals faces. Particularly, CSP’s senior director of marketing has to find out the most ideal approach in relation to positioning and communication strategies.

Market segmentation is the most ideal criteria that firms invoke in a bid to find out more on both existing and potential customers. Significant to note is the fact that segmentation is usually based on primary socio-demographic elements which makes it possible for such variables to be quantified geographically whereby marketing teams can append them to customer records. As the case reveals through reported studies, obesity is a reality in the United States. Such is the case that Quelch and Beckham, (2010) report that 70 percent of respondents noted their dissatisfaction with their weight. Moreover, out of the 70 percent of individuals expressing dissatisfaction with their weight, 35 percent had expressed a willingness to reduce their weight. Particularly, 15 percent of individuals in the sub-segment were willing to use drugs to help them combat their weight problem. The table below enumerates the rising problem of obesity in the United States.



  % Of US Adults US Adult
  Overweight Obese Severely Obese Population
    (25 ≤ BMI < 30)   (30 ≤ BMI < 40)    (BMI ≥ 40) (millions)*
1999 to 2000 34 25.8 4.7 209 in 2000
1988 to 1994 33 20.1 2.9 185 in 1990
1976 to 1980 31.6 14.4 No Data 163 in 1980


The market segment that CSP should target derives numerous weight loss options. Primarily, weight loss drugs are usually prescribed for use in both obese and severely obese individuals. The former have a BMI of greater than or equal to 30 while the latter’s BMI is greater than or equal to 40. CSP target market segment for Metabical is among overweight Americans with a BMI of between 25 and 30. This is particularly the case in light of the fact that only a single over the counter (OTC) drug has been approved by the FDA for weight loss. Particularly, CSP’s Metabical finds itself in a strong market position in the sense that Alli is a reduced strength derivative of Orlistat and is associated with many of the latter’s negative side effects. However, Printup has to deal with the fact that CSP is launching in a market that has safety reservations when it comes to over the counter weight loss drugs. These concerns arose after the dietary supplement ephedra was associated with numerous sudden cardiac deaths.

Similarly, although Metabical would be the ideal drug for all overweight individuals, there is a need for Printup to come up with specific target market segment. This will be ideal because it will narrow the communication strategy to the specific target audience. In this sense, research conducted by CSP revealed that despite the prevalence of overweight men compared to women with the less educated population likely to be obese, the ideal target market for Metabical comprised of overweight females aged between 35 to 65 and had a college education. This group as research revealed had observed that the reason why they wanted to lose weight was because it would make them feel better and live longer lives. Moreover, they were also noted to be knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. Significant to note is the fact that these women had a household income of $80,000 dollars and more and as such were in a position to meet the price tag that CSP intended to set for Metabical.

According to Michael Porter, business need to consider a distinctive value proposition drawing from the fact that it plays a critical role in it’s the strategy. In order for a distinctive value proposition to be successful CSP needs to come up with a tailored value chain when implementing Metabical’s strategy. Significant to note is that the sign of a good value chain is a number of unhappy customers in light of the fact that the company has made a choice about whom to serve and whom not to serve.  In creating a good value proposition, the Printup’s strategy should establish the specific customers that Metabical should serve. As such, college educated women that are aware of the significance of exercise and nutrition are likely to find Metabical of particular importance to them. Such is the case because Metabical creates a distinctive importance for them in the sense that they understand how their nutrition habits influence their weight. Moreover, most of these women are employed in certain positions. As such, their BMI which has a significant influence on their overall femininity impacts their confidence and ultimately their performance on the job. They are thus increasingly likely to find Metabical the best alternative in light of the fact that it augments their health beliefs and also fits in their busy schedule as working women that do not have time for intensive work outs and gym memberships.

The key to success in relation to Metabical’s communication strategy is inextricably bound to the manner in which customer’s access marketing communications. Such is the case because the insight gained reveals customers’ preferences when it comes to receiving information. Moreover, customers are the active recipients of brand communications and as such are usually in a position to screen out inconvenient and irrelevant messages. Printup’s marketing communication strategy emphasized the patient as the end consumer in addition to health care providers that would prescribe Metabical. Other elements that need to be communicated include compliance issues such daily administration of pills, prescription refills and supplementing the drug with good diet habits.  Most pharmaceutical companies in the United States have invested heavily in an army of sales representatives yet only a few of their medical practices have successfully reached the intended targets – actual doctors and patients. Moreover, when these visits are conducted, they only last for a few minutes. This approach is not adequate if the target audience is to be aware of the new drug that can offer immeasurable benefits to patients.

For the communication strategy, this report recommends that CSP invoke electronic media as the popular choice in their communication strategy. In The United States where detailing has grown to be the most ideal avenue for marketing communication, the use of technology should add an e-detailing phase to Printup’s direct to consumer advertising approach.  In this communication strategy, CSP will ideally be sending detailed briefs about Metabical to doctors through digital assistants. Digital Assistants is a very popular productivity medium among professionals in the United States. In order to keep with permission guided electronic marketing campaigns, Digital Assistants requires recipients to provide an active response to communications. Subsequently, if a doctor shows interest in the drug, they can message the manufacturer back requesting for detailed briefs. This communication strategy is particularly ideal because many working women consult a doctor concerning their weight. As such, doctors are the ideal professionals that can subsequently advise them about using Metabical. This corresponds to Aristotle’s notion of ethos in which CSP relies on both the credibility as well as character of doctors in light of their medical authority to persuade patients. This contrasts with the use of overrated commercials on leading networks that most educated women may interpret as overpublicized advertisements.

At present, the most ideal approach to positioning of Metabical will involve customers reacting to CSP’s statements. In this sense, the most ideal tag line that CSP should run with is “Look your best. Shed excess pounds with metabical and discover a happier, more attractive you. Metabical. All you need to succeed.” This concept is ideal for working women who will comprise the majority of Metabical’s potential buyers. This is the case because Metabical augments their desire to look good and be successful.


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