Sample Annotated Bibliography Paper on Use of Visual Aids in Communication

McCannon et al, 199, through his extensive research studies have indicated the need of use of visual aids for effective presentation in all communication.  To examine the impact of the using visual aid on presentations, the author carried an extensive study on the use of slide show in various dimensions and requested the audience opinion on the use of the gadget.  The data collected showed that the highest percentage of the respondents chose the use of colored slide presentation as the best option.  They noted that presentations using impressive colored visual aids were perceived better by diverse observers.  This implies that teachers, and other instructors who normally instruct using the various visual aids, should emphasize on the use of better presentation mechanisms.



McCannon, M., & Morse, G. E. (1999). Using multimedia visual aids in presentations: The demise of the transparency has been greatly exaggerated. TechTrends, 43(6), 29.