Creative Sample Writing Paper on Unit 2.1 DB: Critique Presentation Skills

Michelle L. Sullivan is a true success story of a person who is gifted differently. Despite her disability of being extraordinarily small and short, she uses her public speaking skills to reveal to the public that asking for help is not a weakness, but strength. In this video on TED Talks, Michelle uses various techniques in her mode of delivery. Firstly, she quickly makes a connection with her audience. From her introduction, the audience can quickly judge her as trustworthy as well as likable. She shows the audience her humanity through her vulnerability stories (TedWomen, 2016). She easily grasps the attention of her audience through her emotional stories of her struggles and victories as a disabled person. She also goes ahead to express her values of humanity, which are common with the audience such as sympathy.

Michelle is an outstanding speaker. Evidently, one can notice that she captures the attention of her audience by telling them about her dramatic stories of life. The energy level is kept high all through her presentation. She remains excited about her idea and shows it to the audience. She even goes ahead to throw in some few jokes that keep the audience attentive throughout (TedWomen, 2016).

The main strength of this presentation is that it remains within the scope of the topic. The presenter does an excellent job in ensuring that she is clearly understood by her audience. The presentation is equally characterized by clear pictures and sound. However, the presenter should have been given the opportunity to move around the podium. This would have enhanced the understanding of the audience on the struggles she goes through in her daily life.




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