Article Discussion The modification of myostatin is likely to be the new frontier in scientific research and more specifically in the field of genetic modification and engineering. Myostatin blocking promises to give a number of benefits to human health once it can be safely. First, myostatin blocking has the potential to drastically reduce obesity in
Introduction Each year, there are large numbers of animals used in laboratories during experiments for entertainment purposes, and among clothing industries. Animal protectors and activists have opposed these actions. They believe animals should have rights equal to human beings. This is because these purposes encourage to animal suffering, cruelty, harm, and killing. Animal rights advocates

Sample Term Paper on Factory Farming

Factory farming is an intensive animal husbandry where livestock are kept in a small space under firm control mainly for commercial purposes. Factory farming is one of the most practiced methods of producing food around the world, thus, it has attracted both approvals and criticisms from different groups. In particular, the animal welfare groups believe
Over the years poultry housing has changed depending on several factors. Some of this factors include; availability of construction space/land, capital,number of birds, whether it is large scale or small scale, type of birds etc. Because of these factors farmers can chose the best housing system while putting these factors into consideration. I would explain