As diversity continues to adopt a fabric trait of the society, there has been a growing interest to define equality within these environments. However, the distinct constructs defining a society are often very unique to create a consensus of interests. All through, humans rely on their stance perspectives to create an identity that will further
Background of the Research The population of women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), since recent times, have been achieving certain measures for their lawful protection. In the years of 2008 and 2009, 21percent of women in UAE had been involved in the labour force that is considerably low in comparison with other nations across
Thirty years after women studies was institutionalized in the United States of America, women now have a place in higher education across the world. However, the women’s studies history gets lost amid politics that deny women the right to education, both outside and within the academic feminism(Boxer 43). It was not an easy task for
Introduction The issue related to women’s health has been a topic of concentration in the media over the years. Undoubtedly, the media yield immense authority to influence individual opinion on their health issues. Since its foundation, the health and beauty magazine has played a key task in raising health matters affecting women. Some of the
There has always been prejudice when it comes to gender and sports. It is easy to point this kind of discrimination by identifying the ways in which people especially males will react when you tell them that you are participating in particular sports. In the contemporary world where transgender and homosexuality exists, people have perceptions
Journalism may be defined as the collection of information, editing, writing and disseminating the factual information to the people(Folkerts 227). This done with the aim of enlightening the mass. One would not go into the details of journalism without considering it birth background history. Moreover, the history of journalism cannot be touched without considering the
Women, in contrast, is a photography exhibition scheduled to take place between March to August 2017. Women, in contrast, is used by talented women artists to show the role of women in the photography sector with a preference for the occurrence of changes from the 20th to the 21st century. The artists have used different ideologies