According to Braun, Xander and White (2002), the Cruise industry is very important in the present and future prosperity of the economy of the Florida state. Florida is a well known state for the U.S. cruise industry. It has the best three ports for cruises across the world, including Port Everglades, Port Canaveral and Port

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GINZA in Egypt The tourism industry in many nations forms one of the most important sectors because it is viewed as the most vibrant and lucrative part of the nation. The tourism industry in Egypt has come a long way, Egypt is also considered by many as one of the most prefers tourism destinations in
Honolulu Fashion Week I got a chance to attend the re-known Honolulu Fashion Week on 11/07/2014, and I must admit that it was one of my best experiences in life. It was held in Hawaii Convention Centre in Waikiki. The climax of fashion and design was in Honolulu, an event that was attended by thousands
Introduction Tourism themes covered in the Article “Tourism unlimited” by Kochattil Suresh Tourism involves traveling to new places for adventure, vacation, research as well as fun purposes. Some of the beautiful tourist destinations include features such as beaches, beautiful forests, wildlife animals, beautiful landscapes, snow as well as mountain peaks. Ideally, tourism involves myriad demand
Introduction The hospitality industry in the UK is quite broad with many big and small players. It includes establishments specializing in the sale of meals, drinks, light refreshments and provision of accommodation.  Some of the businesses in this industry include but not limited to motels, hotels, restaurants, lodges, and fast food joints. The fiscal year
Introduction Hospitality management entails the provision of services to people in a way that demonstrates consistent excellence and quality. The services provided within the hospitality industry demonstrate high level of uniqueness and process distinction. The hospitality industry include the wide ranges of companies within the travel and tourism industry (Gu, Wang & Zhang 2004), which
Introduction Tourism can be defined as the practice in a country where ‘visitors’ of all kinds with different agendas – ranging from business to leisure – set out for adventure. The United States has a diverse experience within its territory in terms of tourism like iconic cultural and historic sites, waters, public lands among other.
. I have worked with Over Power Production (OPP) for two weeks now, and I feel at home. The working environment is the best especially with the enabling environment created by the management. Since I am responsible to post ads on the social media, I have made the initiative to come up with catchy messages
Glaciers in Iceland have become a popular tourist destination with a wide range of tourist activities including glacier walks, hikes and glacier traversing, ice-climbing, photography tours, boats and kayak tours, and training sessions on scenic flights. The main outlets suitable for glacier-based tourism activities are Myrdalsjokull and Vatnajokull due to their efficient and safe accessibility.
The weather has a reflective impact on human health. In particular, extreme weather conditions tend to have a significant effect on health, but the human body has the capacity to survive in extreme weather. However, ski-related activities are normally undertaken in mountainous regions, which are prone to climate change. Winter ski resorts rely on a