Sample Essay on Article analysis

The laws on drugs have and will always remain contentious. Some people argue for the restriction of drug use while others oppose. Supporters of legalization argue that allowing the use of drugs would greatly reduce the crime rates. On the other hand, those against drug legalization argue on the basis of ethical and moral settings.
Introduction Crime is an issue that almost every country in the world has to deal with. However, rates of crime vary from one country to the other depending on that nation’s justice system and the measures they have put in place for using to eradicate the vice. There are also different types of crime that
Altruism and Volunteering Altruism and volunteerism definitions have several similarities that make them appear as synonyms, thus being used interchangeably. For instance, they are both inspired by some aspects of “free will” and selflessness in providing help. However, it appears that both altruism and volunteerism does not exist in their purest forms as they are
Introduction The Arab identity describes a nationalist ideology that celebrates the glory of civilization, which led to the transformation of Arab’s language and literature, thereby culminating to the rejuvenation of the Arab world. As argued by Abdul-Nasser (2013: 22), the common premise pertaining to the Arab identity is that the people of the Arab world
Juvenile delinquency involves the process whereby a minor is defiled mostly by an adult. This is a criminal offense punishable by laws and social rules. Determining whether the person defiled is a minor to be regarded as a juvenile is a subject that involves a series of interactions of different meanings that define delinquency. The
Abstract In order to highlight the predicament of dislocated workers, the authors of this article utilize insights from the book by David Blustein’s titled The Psychology of working: A new perspective for career development, counseling, and public policy in abstracting contemporary career problems. The authors aim at strengthening the understanding of unintended career changes and
Introduction A subculture is a group that operates with a different set of cultural rules and values within a larger culture. A subculture has all four aspects of a culture which are: it requires learning, uses symbols, is shared and integrated into a whole while still belonging to a larger cultural group. Subcultures develop often
Abstract Hip hop culture was nurtured in America by communities of African origin in the early seventies. Hip hop was started due to the state of low-income earners who felt that they were secluded and not appreciated in America. Hip hop as rap music is used to express feelings like the problems they are encountering
Holy Ghost People is a 1967 film directed and narrated by Peter Adair. The film discusses the service of a Pentecostal community in West Virginia, United States. The services in the church include speaking in tongues, snake handling, singing, and faith healing. The film starts by showing the night services of the church and its
Question 1- Reflect on the assignment in general The assignment was not difficult though it proved to be thought provoking as it required focus on interpreting the post cards. Without indicating which post secret was yours, did you have a difficult time coming up with a contribution to this community-based art project? I had no