The long-term holistic well-being of a country's future highly depends on its education system as children are the most important natural resources of a nation. Recent scores from (PISA) (Programme for International Student Assessment) measures which states have the best education system for their children ("What US Schools Can Learn From Finland’S Approach To Education
In the article, Black Feminism and Intersectionality, by Sharon Smith, the prevalent themes allude to the different ways women of color experience discrimination and unjust categorization due to their gender and race. The term ‘intersectionality’ is widely used with the foundation of its application relying on historical data and crucial developments surrounding black women in
The problem of domestic violence is attracting increasing attention of both social science and society. It is global in nature and is of the particular social issue even in developed Western countries. Violence exists in all social groups regardless of income level, education, social status, class, racial, cultural, religious, socio-economic aspects, i.e., the prevalence of
There is a significant difference between what is termed as street and decent culture; notably, this is due to the different practices that uphold and develop the two different cultural themes that must coexist. Decent culture includes values held by respected families based on hard work, respect for other people and their property, advocating for
Films featuring non-human characters always bring about questions of gender and gender roles. The process through which the audience or the writer assigns gender to such characters is underpinned entirely on their own imaginings of the elements that a given gender encompasses. It may bring to light certain stereotypes, assumptions as well as gender roles
Gautama Buddha , a philosopher , teacher , and religious leader on whose teachings Buddhism is anchored said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Though healthcare equality is a human right, access to healthcare services in the United
Nature of social interaction Social interaction is reciprocated influences which groups and individuals have on each other in their effort to solve issues as well as straining towards their goals. There are two types of social interaction, which are structured and unstructured. Structured is whereby social interaction is conducted by formerly established expectations and definitions,
Introduction Ideally, humans are social beings who value relationships at different levels. They depend on each other for economic sustenance and emotional satisfaction. Through social interactions, individuals share distressing experiences that have far-reaching implications on psychological wellbeing. Thus, social interactions are therapeutic and instrumental in addressing the various mental problems that populations grapple. Conversely, social
The varied social strata are attributed to inequality within the society regarding their access to different fundamental needs required for successful integration and existence within the society. In the case of the Saints and the Roughnecks, the main social inequalities that led to prejudice were poverty, education, social and societal bias, and prejudicial law enforcement
Everybody considers America the land of opportunity. The main problem with this notion, however, relies on tough immigration as a Mexican who recently lost his job, moving to America to find a dream job will be the ultimate thing to do. It would be in order to move into the United States illegally because other