Information and Communication Technology or (ICT) as majority would prefer to call it, is today playing major, if not critical role in all aspect of human life and more so, in communication. ICT has touched and will continue to touch and influence human life in the spheres of politics, governance, and economic; social and cultural
The Gross Domestic Product is the key indicator, which is used by different experts to gauge the stability of the economy. It measures the total dollar value of final services and goods, which are produced in the state in a particular period. Investors evaluate it using graphs and other statistical tools to determine whether there
Prioritize the top three (3) benefits that an HRIS will offer the business, and explain your position. Next, examine the effect of automation on creating a more efficient process for the HR function chosen in Phase I. Benefits of an HRIS  Very high information preparing speed: Certain means in work force organization can be
Qualitative research yields large amount of qualitative data which requires effective management and organization. Research data management is an important aspect of empirical research that is important in enhancing its ability to advance scientific inquiry (Johnson et al. 2010). Management of this data involves a number of steps such as identifying potential data sources, collection
Introduction In these modern times with the development of technology and effective data monitoring, branding and marketing have evolved massively to keep up with the advancement, in order to face the competition in the market. Branding is found to be quite adjustable according to the contemporary, open, public and value-driven marketplace. Since customers have become
It is without a doubt that the fast-paced rate of technological development has led to a tremendous change in the people's daily lives. The inevitable technological advancements have led to an improved status in a myriad of fields such as the medical care, industrial revolution, trade, transportation and interactive communication models. The perspective of life
The topic of the research is performance measure and management system at Unilever (UAE). The Performance Measurement and Management system refers to the process of examining, analysing, monitoring and evaluating the performance of an organization and based on those findings, making changes and improvements in the company to improve performance and growth of the company.
Introduction According to Graham (2014, p. 10), the success of any products depends hugely on the nature of advertising campaign it adopts. While several campaign strategies and tactics may exist in the contemporary marketplace, crafting a campaign that fits the values and needs of the company forms a core element in driving growth of the
Introduction In the last few years, the use of social media has risen greatly. People all over the world have realized the potential of social media as a communication tool and as an aid for interaction. As such, the number of users continues to increase constantly. As this happens, organizations are increasingly realizing the potential
Introduction Information sharing is vital in sales and operations planning, it improves efficiency in sales and challenges that are encountered in operations (Simchi-Levi and Zhao, 2003). The aim of this study is simply to design and evaluate information sharing interventions that are used in the field and identify the contextual differences that affect the benefits