Summary The significant increase in the cases of obesity in India presents a grave public health concern considering the link between overweight and greater incidences of non-communicable disease. The problem of increasing prevalence of obesity in India has affected children and adults alike in all sections of society. Two of the most notable risk factors
Introduction The question of ethics in contracting and the federal government has far reaching implications especially when we consider the extent to which several questions have been raised on the ethical standards upheld during the contracting process. There are several issues on ethics that are bound to arise when dealing with contractors since the contractor
Choosing to take a course in public health is probably the best choice that I made. It has really opened up my mind to opportunities and made me more conscious of my environment and the people around me. The roles of public health that I have learnt include monitoring of health in the community; diagnosis
Social media is among the fastest developing communication platforms. According to Moorhead and others,the use of social network outlets in sharing information has dominated the modern communications(2013). As Moorhood et al. elaborates, internet-based platforms have become one of the easiest and quickest ways of disseminating messages to the public as its usage continues to surge