INTRODUCTION The fact pattern in this case raises a number of pertinent issues for determination. First, whether Dollar Construction Ltd (hereinafter “Dollar”) has breached the construction contract by failing to update its master programme to Newton University (“the University”). Secondly, what is the status of the master programme and subsequent changes thereto? Thirdly, whether Dollar
SWOT Analysis The SWOT Analysis for H&M is as follows: Strengths 1. One of the largest store and brand expansion across both domestic and foreign markets a. H&M has achieved global brand awareness by offering options for to women, men, teenagers, toddlers, and infants. b. Offers wide range of high quality products at low cost
Most organizations have encountered failure in project management plans. Several reasons exist to explain why they fail. One of these reasons is lack of visibility. Before initiating any project, the relevant management team should gather enough information, and each member should take his/her responsibility. Misapprehensions between the management personnel often resulted in failure. Another reason
Schedule crashing is a technique that is used to simplify activities for certain projects by introducing more resources to the project to speed up its operations. However, being a technique that has been a applied by project managers and they have seen advantages associated with applying of this technique, they also take into consideration, on the
Introduction According to Training (2010), “project management refers to a series of methods and tools that are used to plan and implement a change or project from inception to its completion”. Project management makes it possible to undertake what can be considered to be very complex tasks and break them down into manageable simple processes.
  In essence, the part politics play in ensuring effective management of a project in any viable organization cannot be ignored. Some political tactics and influences are crucial in guaranteeing the successful achievement of project goals and objectives. The project manager (PM), for instance, is justified to use some political powers in promoting the successful
Question 1 During my first job, every morning my supervisor would remind us of the goals of the firm insisting that we must work together to achieve a common objective (Cato and Gordon para 3). Even if there were many challenges the company was undergoing, he expressed faith that we would still achieve the mission.
1). Contrast Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability. Risk defines the intersection of threats, vulnerability, and assets. However, its intricate usage refers to the probability for loss and destruction to propertybecause of a threat harnessing a vulnerability (Aven, 2011). A threat, on the other hand, refers to anything that an organization is trying to safeguard against due