1. Advantages and disadvantages of representative democracy Advantages Representative democracy is highly efficient because it ensures a proper balance in the government, and there are no differences in the level of powers for different groups. Representative democracy is designed so that the people work together to achieve a common goal, unlike direct democracy, whereby the
Perhaps I might consider the logic applied in this post; however, some ideas need much elaboration. Federalism used today is not exactly what it was when the constitution was adopted. In simple terms, federalism has kept evolving, and many alterations keep on occurring, thus terming this as not being active as said in the post
Introduction Sovereign states do not exist in a vacuum as they operate and relate with other nations and multinational organizations on the international plane. The relationships and interactions between different states and multinational organizations in the international plane are based on several foreign policy models. Foreign policy approaches, such as the rational actor and bureaucratic
Since he was elected the American President, Donald Trump has proposed or implemented changes on several immigration policies. Immigration policies like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), security for temporary workers (H-1B), deportation and refugee resettlement makes part of his proposal for changes (Scaggs 1453). Arguably, the Marxian Class theory must have influenced Trump's immigration
In 1852, 2 Nov, The presidential election was conducted, in which Democrat leader Franklin Pierce defeated the Whig Winfield Scott. The election was conducted after-effect of the compromise of 1850, a set of procedures voted by the U. S Congress to settle the outstanding slavery problems and avert the jeopardy of the termination of the
If Brexit is an appropriate solution for the problems being faced by the UK Most people and officials in the UK believed that by withdrawing their membership from the EU partnership, most of the issues that face their economic status might be solved. Being a member of the EU partnership had made the country to
Introduction In America, the concept of gerrymandering is used to mean the exercise of setting up electoral boundaries with the objective of favoring certain political interests within legislative jurisdictions. This practice usually gives birth to districts with winding or convoluted boundaries rather than with areas which are compact. Gerrymandering occurs in each individual state in
The US Constitution is an important document that outlines the rules and regulations that guide American citizens as well as their rights. The Federalists and Antifederalists had many contentious issues. First, the Federalists wanted to have a strong and stable Federal government that was capable of ruling citizens directly and not through states. They argued
Question 1 The United States has two party voting system not because of lack of third parties but due to the way voters exercise their duties. The two main but distinct systems are plurality voting and proportional representation. On one hand, in plurality voting system, each person has single vote which they vote for one
Introduction The political structures in existence in the Roman Republic (509-49 BC) 1 and in England between the 15 th and 17 th century 2 and the manner in which these polities were governed influenced the writings of classical political philosophers from the respective epochs. Within the Roman Republic, the structured, mixed constitution (monarchy, aristocracy