The poem, “Sea Surface Full of Clouds,” is a transformative imagination which combines reality and comic events with a hope of fulfilled future transfigurations. The exhausted imagination is brought to life with the statement of the artificial imaginative powers. The language has been used a stimulant to express emotions in an imaginative way full of
“The Ballard of the Landlord” is a poem by Langston Hughes that mostly depicts the common disputes between landlords and their tenants especially in the 1940s, where there was a lot of social protests. The poem opens with the tenant complaining about the condition of the house claiming the roof is leaking and that the
Oedipus Rex, a drama by Sophocles has been one of the most widely read plays throughout the world. For many decades, it has received a lot of readers and a wide audience alike. The drama, Oedipus Rex has made great achievements and established a very significant theme that the fate of every person is unavoidable.
Thesis The Vacuum created by the death of a loved one can never be fully covered or occupied by anyone or anything. Introduction ‘The Vacuum’ is a poem by Howard Nemerov. It talks about one widower as well as his dead wife, and how he symbolically uses the vacuum to represent the death of his
The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca is the man behind the renowned lecture known as “Theory and Play of the Duende” in Argentina’s Buenos Aires in the year 1933. He described that Duende is in close associated with the Latin flamenco, yet Lorca has defined it as a powerful universal concept in art. Lorca was under deep
Beowulf Good Vs Evil Beowulf is an epic piece of poetry that was composed probably at the end of the first millennium. It has been recognised and for the longest has been known to be the oldest piece of English Literature known. It was originally written in olden times English, and the story unfolds telling
Introduction Conflict in individuals is well understood as a person’s own oppositions or dramatic actions in a play or fiction that arises from some form of forces directly affecting the individual. Every human being in one way or another is faced with conflict, which may be either internal or external mostly reflected in literature. The

Sample Essay on the Road not Taken

Summary of the Poem The road not taken is one of the famous poems that have been written by Robert Frost.  The narrator in the poem comes upon a fork while walking on a road through a yellow wood.  The yellow wood is composed of two roads that look the same. The narrator chooses one
My wife, apple of my eye, I live, because you give me a reason. When I am discouraged, You put a smile on my face.   I have no other wishes, apart from you, To you, I give my heart. I say these honest words, To a special person in my life.   I give
Introduction Printed poem is one of the most powerful literature tools. The ideas and feelings of the Poet are expressed in ink and paper.  The audience is the reader who travels with the poet in his literature work. The most interesting thing about poems is that they are never influenced by facts or data. In