Good representation and state leadership on district or state affairs is key to development in the financial sector, economic sector and social sector among others. Choosing the representatives is therefore an important process that citizens should participate in soberly and ensure the people appointed to the offices represents the citizens well in decision-making processes.I come
Formulating and implementing a strategic plan for an organization within public or/and non-profit organizations is critical. It is crucial to have a clear and succinct vision allied to the organization’s goals and objectives. This is because a company is not empowered to record and achieve high-performance levels without applying widely shared and implicit concepts regarding
I am happy with myself for having met my objectives. In as much as I may not have attained all three, I am still satisfied with myself for trying and worked towards achieving the goals. Presently, I can hit the target at 60% of the total. I am able to run for 14 minutes without

Sample Research Paper on Abstract

According to Dorman and Hagstrom (22), over the last few decades, the establishment of gender equality has been based on the theme of ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work.’ This theme has been adopted in many establishments of gender equity to make employment more inclusive and attractive. Its primary goal is to attract more and more

Sample Essay on Ending Global Poverty

Is it Possible to End Global Poverty? Is an intriguing article authored by Linda Yueh and published on the BBC News. According to Yueh, the World Bank believes it is possible to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. The UN has given a hand in this quest of making life sustainable to each individual
Summary In the short video, let’s Prepare for our Climate, Vicki Arroyo talks about the uncertainties of climate in the modern worn. She starts the speech by looking back with nostalgia, how her home country, New Orleans was when she was growing up. New Orleans’s skyline is described to have been calm. Arroyo gave the