Aristotle's Politics (2000) initiates with a number of general claims and thoughts on the society of his age. Through his volume, he attempts to grasp the overall need of being human and asserts that the idea of attaining a good gives a purpose to a society and causes action. He also makes a claim on
Introduction Child labor is the employment of children to earn wages or voluntarily and not necessarily to earn wages. This may happen due to several reasons from environmental to personal and also politically as poverty still remains to spear head this act. Domestic work According to B, philosopher (2013) children are engaged in domestic employment

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The question of morals and intelligence is very critical. Reflecting on Gyges of Lydia, his way of ascension to power was unorthodox. He kills Candaules and seizes the throne before marrying the wife afterwards. Later, the activities of misconduct and evil for his benefits become an order. Glaucon believes that morality is just a social

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Critiques of Deontological theory Deontology theory states that we are required implicitly to carry out ourselves in agreement with established rules and principles irrespective of the consequences of our actions. In 1788, Kant enunciated the secular deontological moral theory. In this theory, the maxims governing the human activities were obtained from human reasoning. It is
Introduction Socrates was a Greek philosopher in BC years. He has been credited as one of the people who started western philosophy. Socrates is known to have come up with philosophies that do not completely make sense to humans. In fact, he they are sometimes seen as conflicting or a sign that he did not
Evaluating an Argument In the car buying scenario, just like in real life, you were presented with an argument for making a different purchase than what you had originally intended. Think of a time recently where you were presented with an argument that was intended to change your opinion on something. Using that event, complete

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Antigone was a daughter to Oedipus, former king of Thebes’s kingdom .Antigone’s father Oedipus had killed his father and married his motherJocasta but later on both of them died.His two sons Eteocles and Polyneices took over power but agreed to be exchanging leadership.This was not the case and as a result, rivalry grew between them.They
Deontology is a moral principle bases its ethical decisions on the obligation or duty people have regarding certain issues in the community or in other areas of life. As a result, it permits, forbids or requires people to act in a certain direction without fail. As deontology does this, it does not put more emphasis
Retribution is the application of proportionate punishment to an individual who has gone against the law of the land or one that has committed a crime. When an individual breaks law, justice demands that such a person is punished in return. Retribution is different from vengeance since it is meant for the wrongs committed and
  Human kind generates knowledge through passive observation and active experiments. Observation refers to the process by which humans inspect or scrutinize something or someone with the sole aim of gaining information. In natural setting, two different types of observation are generally applied by human beings during this process: passive observation and active learning (Benware,