Sample Essay on Minority

A minority is an ethnic, cultural or racial group that lives together with but is subordinate to a more dominant population group. This subordinate position is the main defining characteristic of a minority group. Minority status may not automatically be as a consequence of relativity in population size. Sometimes, a minority group may have a
Marketing Plan A marketing plan refers to a project that represents an overall business’s strategy and objectives. It is the most vital element of a business that keeps track of its mission and sales tactics. It incorporates products, services and the financial situation on the market. This plan creates awareness of strengths and weakness via
Manisha is a 57-year-old Bhutanese woman who resettled in the United States in early 2009. She is eager to tell her story, which she does with the help of an interpreter. Manisha describes her childhood as wonderful. She was the youngest of seven children born to a farming family in a rural village of Bhutan.