A digestive disorder is an issue that takes place in the digestive tract ("Peptic ulcer: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia", 2020). This paper discusses peptic ulcers and the dietary requirements needed to help people suffering from it recover. Peptic ulcers are an open raw area or wound found in the lining of the intestines or stomach. Some
One of the food innovations that stepped into the food industry is the art of canning. Canning entails the preservation of human food in airtight containers for more extended periods. As one of the food preservation methods, canning was developed in the late 18 th century to provide stable food for sailors and soldiers at
A vegan diet is comprised of plant-based foods. These foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and other foods which are strictly derived from plants. A vegan diet does not include foods from animal sources. An individual choice of a vegan diet is based on personal reasons. Some people go vegans for health reasons- low risk
Hydration plays a major role in enhancing the performance of an athlete. Getting the right amounts of water in the body helps to regulate the body temperature, transport nutrients and removes wastes from the cells, and also lubricates the athlete’s joints. This helps an athlete to achieve strength due to cellular metabolism which is brought
There are various factors that make ethnic group or community stand out from each other and at the same time so interesting. Among the most noticeable factor is the cultural background that affects the daily life of these ethnic groups’ members. Cultural background has gone a long way in maintaining the way of life and
For the breakfast menu, the plate should consist of two to three pieces of whole grain bread, a cup of juice, a mango blend or passion juice blend. There should also be some proteins which can be found in the eggs or slices of bacon and also sausages. The fruits provide essential vitamins that prevent
The increased awareness and call for healthy eating continue to drive many people into vegetarian diet. Although some people chose vegan diet for health reasons, others do so for religious, personal, and animal welfare concerns. Some religions, for instance, prohibit meat- eating making their followers vegans. Nonetheless, fierce debate surrounds veganism considering that critics argue
Introduction Over the last one month, I have conscientiously kept a record of the foods and beverages that I consume on a meal to meal basis as well as my exercise habits. Keeping this food diary acts as an effective way of tracking the number of calories I intake on a daily basis, and at

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I am writing to inform you about my interest to join New York University. I have attached to my letter of application the relevant documentation. I am an undergraduate student of Kuwait nationality and my aim is to pursue a course in health. My motivation comes from the fact that my country has a large
The Webster’s New Collective Dictionary (1983) defines relapse as “a recurrence of symptoms of a disease after a period of improvement”. This view corresponds with that applied by the disease model where an individual is considered either “cured” or relapsed. As standard practice in the field of addictions, the usage of drugs and other substances