I have completed the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment and gave myself a current score of 33. Information systems are geared to help the common user and pass information. Information system uses informatics to process engineer and pass information in the form of data. As a professional medical nurse, I find information system as the most troubling
Application of Critical Thinking in Nursing Nurses have to integrate critical thinking into the development of effective treatment plans for patients. For instance, a nurse has to integrate various elements in determining the type of medication, the best treatment option, and the alternative options available for a patient depending on the symptoms identified. Critical thinking
LAUREL RIDGE HEALTH CARE FACILITY Introduction Laurel Ridge Health Care Organization is a chain of nursing homes and medical facilities that specialize in the art of providing quality health care for their clients. The organization is reputed as a leader in quality health care provision. The facilities that are provided by this health organization are
Introduction Nursing career has been known for shortage and work burden, which are associated with work related stress among nurses. That stress has physical, psychological, and cognitive negative outcomes on nurses and their patients.
(Farquharson et al., 2013). In this study, salivary cortisol will be measured as a biomarker of stress from novel nurses during the
Introduction Globally, an alarming increased rate of diabetes diagnosis has been reported with over 380 million diabetic cases reported in 2015. Diabetes has been found to cause death, stroke, amputations, or kidney failure. The increased rate of this global epidemic has been fueled by urbanization and lifestyle. It is projected that by 2030, over 600
  Addressing Unmet Need through Strategic Planning (Operating Room Nurses Shortage) Nurses serve a noble cause of ensuring that the health status of the patients is well addressed and target creating an environment suitable for caring for the health status of patients. The nurses are guided by a code of ethics, which is a standard
Abstract Before a newborn is discharged from the hospital, nurses are supposed to examine the baby to ensure that there is no health issues or disorders that could lead to infant disabilities or mortality. In this article, we look at such precautions that nurses should take to ensure that the alterations mentioned above do not
Nursing Supported Legislation In 2017, the state of California passed a legislation aimed at tackling violence at the workplace. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approved rules to mitigate workplace violence in health care institutions. The legislation is called SB 1299 and it was passed back in 2014. The California Nurses Association/National Nurses
Introduction Prostate cancer is one of the fatal diseases that are claiming the lives of millions of men every year. Ironically, prostate cancer is possibly the most widespread cancer among men aged above 65 years.  Although this cancer has been considered as an illness of old men, middle-aged men have also become victims. The chances
The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a widespread sexually transmitted disease that causes severe health effects in males and females, as well as anogenital cancer. HPV immunization can be a very efficient approach to avoid the spread of the virus. Nonetheless, vaccination has been inconsistent and suboptimal in a good number of countries,