Introduction Prostate cancer is one of the fatal diseases that are claiming the lives of millions of men every year. Ironically, prostate cancer is possibly the most widespread cancer among men aged above 65 years.  Although this cancer has been considered as an illness of old men, middle-aged men have also become victims. The chances
Introduction Communication is arguably the most crucial gesture ever developed by nature for every living thing, especially for animals. Human beings would not have reached their present state in the absence of communication. The key factor of early civilization, industrialization and modernistic globalization has been communication. In the current information age, communication has been the
The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a widespread sexually transmitted disease that causes severe health effects in males and females, as well as anogenital cancer. HPV immunization can be a very efficient approach to avoid the spread of the virus. Nonetheless, vaccination has been inconsistent and suboptimal in a good number of countries,
Introduction In the animal kingdom, it is extremely difficult to find an organism that lives in isolation. Many depend on other living things for food, protection and other resources they require for survival. For example, microbes and photosynthetic plants provide oxygen for human beings. Trees also provide shelter to some animals and other smaller plants.
Introduction In the nursing practice, the workforce is expected to be fully committed to their work because it deals with human life and in case of problems, very risky conditions may occur, which may threaten human life (Butts & Rich, 2013). Patients fully rely on the professionals for care and medical attention and the codes
Watch and Respond to a Specific Ethics Issue The film exposes gross violation of human rights and racism, it reflects a society that subjects its citizens to suffering. It highlights unethical aspects of medical science in America, racism and abuse of research subjects. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, poorblackAmericans are used as governments’ guinea pigs. The
There has been an explosion in the advancement and application of molecular methods for identifying microbes as well as their activities in the recent years. These methods are gradually more applied in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains comprising of those applied in fermentation and those marketed as probiotics for recognition and study of their activities.
On both collective and individual levels, nurses make difficult decisions. However, the nature of their practices and profession makes decision-making difficult. Some of the decisions made may be imperative though others entail dilemma, which impinge on death or life decision making. Nevertheless, their fundamental duties, as described by the Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge influence
The Nursing Practice In the view of the respondent organizational mission and goals have a place in every profession, and the nursing fraternity is not an exception. The institution and observation of such legislations and regulation provide the guidance required in the direction of service delivery and research. This opinion is similar to that of
Introduction The term documentation in the nursing practice entails the written or electronically documented information about a client/patient that is used in describing the care or service provided to the client. The client in this case refers to the individual, families, populations, groups or communities who require nursing expertise (Carpenito, 2009). The process of documentation