A night’s tale movie is based on Chaucer Canterbury Tales. It is an American quasi-medieval adventure comedy and romance film. The strs are Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Shannyn Sossamon, Alan Tudyk, among others. The movie's main character is a commoner and a peasant who wants to do a lot more with his life. When given
A Romance film is one where the plot is centered on love or generally a romantic attraction between two or more characters in the movie. The storyline is then built around this attraction which usually stems from either love at first sight, forbidden love, passion and other factors not limited to the mentioned. The aim
Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, the movie ‘Sisters of the Gion’ is a drama film which features two sitters staying in Gion district. The film was produced in 1936 and is considered to be both a white and black movie. The central theme of the movie is gender roles since the storyline depicts two different women;
Film noir originated as a genre during the 1940s in post-War France, inspired by the turbulent intellectual and sociopolitical circumstances of World War II. The starring figure of the criminal was a comparison for ‘dark’ dimensions of the self that needed to be understood. This paper will scrutinize the elements of film noir with two
“Revolutionary road” a book by Richard Yates has been hailed for its view on conformity in the topic of identity. In the book revolutionary roads April and Frank wheeler are the main antagonist and protagonist are imbibed into the American dream of bringing up children and living in the suburbs. The suburbs were considered as
Most of the times the trickster is perceived as a light-hearted fool or simply a person who likes to play pranks on others. However, this is a simplistic view of a trickster. It is thus important to fully understand the character of the trickster in order to understand the role they play and their value
“Citizen Kane” is an incredible film, authored and directed by Orson Welles in 1941. Fames for its respective elements, the film made considerable advances, breaking from conventional classic elements of Hollywood Cinema. It is regarded as the direct predecessor of film noir exploits cinematic technique effectively, and for its type, produces an incredible and unique
Jordan Peele’s masterpiece, psychological, drama, thriller, and horror movie Get Out, gives the audience a profound mainstreaming on intersectionality fostered by race. Notably, Jordan Peele script is unrivaled from another thriller movie for it represents black empowerment and black liberation, through protagonist casts such as Daniele Kaluuya and Lil Rel Howery. According to Kim (2019),
The vital aspects of film analysis comprise the integration between the subtle meaning of the movie and the subject matter. Jordan Peele directed the film US and it features artistry in the transition of the creepy scenes. Notably, the director illustrates the subject matter of the movie by portraying the horrifying visual aspects of the
Hollywood movies have brought to life the idea of a zombie apocalypse for many years, and the stories have been embraced in the popular culture because of television shows like the “World War Z” and the “Walking Dead”. However, scientific studies have explained the possibility of the existence of a zombie virus (RedOrbit para. 1-2).