Polypharmacy is the use of multiple medications, mostly considered to be five or more. It is more common among the elderly, being a consequence of chronic diseases or a number of underlying medical issues. (Monégat, Sermet, Perronnin, & Rococo, 2014) It can either be legitimate or illegitimate but in both cases it has the risk
Definition of descriptive epidemiology Epidemiology is a tributary of medicine that deals with cause, distribution, and control of disease in a particular population at a given time (Conference Series LLC Ltd, 2019). Therefore, descriptive epidemiology focuses on identifying and reporting both the pattern and frequency of health events in a population (Naito, 2014). The descriptive
Since the onset of the novel Coronavirus, livelihood among people globally has changed. Social distancing, self-isolation, and travel restrictions have all affected economic activities, therefore testing the delicate sectors that act as backbone of the world's economy. Tourism sector was the first to feel this impact. The other sectors have followed making the disease to
This is a reflective essay, which provides insight into the experience I gained from Interprofessional Education (IPE). Attending the workshops for IPE was a great boost in my understanding of the roles of other health professionals in the overall care of my patients, which significantly influenced my patient management. I managed to interact with different
The modern generation has seen a number of changes in various fields and institutions. This is attributed to the fact that man has to keep changing with the moving trends across the globe. One of the systems that have seen drastic changes in how they are managed globally is the healthcare system. The introduction and
Collection, documentation, and storage of information is one of the core principles serving the effective provision of health care and delivery to patients, as well as the proper diagnosis and management of individual and mass patient diseases. Medical practitioners use this tool to enhance their prognosis, diagnosis, prevention, and cure of patients individually and collectively.
Blood sugar is a topic of interest for various health sector stakeholders including doctors and medical researchers. Researchers and medics have continued to work tirelessly in collaboration with diverse health institution in an attempt to tackle the menace. One such research was recently conducted and was based on phase 1 trial for diabetes type 1
Fill in the missing information for each of the following systems:                                                                                                            System Description Key principles Treatments or therapies used Education requirements Overseeing organization Licensing or certification Supportive research Ayurveda The treatment relies heavily on philosophy, science and beliefs. Puts more emphasis on disease prevention   Herbs are used for treatment. Other treatments include
Introduction A study conducted on half siblings, adopted twins and families has revealed that multiple sclerosis is an intricate condition whose vulnerability is attributed to the relationship between environmental and genetic factors. Investigations are underway to determine how environmental conditions influence the susceptibility to multiple sclerosis. Some scholars cite the inclination of latitude as one
Incendiary and explosive devices are equipments that are normally utilized by criminals are terrorists to create damage or cause death through destruction. However, such devices can also be used economically to explore minerals in mines. Incendiary and explosive apparatus are of different shapes and sizes. Bombs can be categorized as either incendiaries or explosives, based