Forensic dentistry, also known as Odontology, is a branch of dentistry that deals with examining and evaluating dental evidence in criminal justice cases (Rai, and Kaur). Forensic dentistry is done using dental records such as radiographs, ante-moterm, post-moterm photographs, and DNA (Pretty, 48-61). The person conducting forensic dentistry is called a forensic odontologist, he or
Definition of Sickle Cell Iron Deficiency This is a kind of sickle cell sickness that’s widely known. SCD is a grave disorder in which the body makes sickle-formed red blood cells. "Sickle-formed" implies that the red blood cells are molded like a curve. Normal red blood cells are round-molded and look like doughnuts without gaps
Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells. It has more than 100 different types affecting specific organs each. Cancer causes abnormal multiplication of cells in the organs affected leading to the growth of tumors. However, the cancer of the blood does not lead to the growth of tumors. There are two types of cancer tumors,
The use of plants and other natural substances in the healing process is known as Herbal medication. There is always this great feeling physicians get when they able to treat a stubborn diseases. But his greatest victory would come when he is able to take time to analysis the body of his patient and diagnose
RESPIRATORY ISSUES 2 1 Metabolic acidosis Respiratory acidosis Metabolic alkalosis Respiratory alkalosis It has low carbon (IV) oxide and low pH. It has high carbon (IV) oxide and low pH. It is recognized by high HCO 3 and high pH. It is characterized by low carbon (IV) oxide and high pH. It compensated by a
THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY HEALTH PROFESSIONAL WHO DOES HEALTH APPRAISING Part I – As shown by physical examination, does the individual have Yes No 1. At least 20/20 combined vision, corrected by glasses if needed? NO 2. Normal hearing? YES 3. Normal blood pressure? YES 4. Normal cardiovascular system? YES 5. Normal respiratory
Abstract A timely and accurate nursing diagnosis is arrived at through history taking and physical assessment. This is important to both patient and health practitioner, whereby the patient is protected from unnecessary testing hence making it cost effective .It also helps the health practitioner to come up with a reliable diagnosis .In our case we
Introduction The prevalence of drug abuse in society has been on a steady rise. This is a persistent public health issue which has been complicated further by the availability of synthetic recreational drugs. These drugs which are often referred to as “research chemicals” or “legal highs,” are artificial substitutes to traditional drugs of abuse. Most
The process of forming an environment of shared values and mutual respect between group members to maximize triumph of the patient care plan involves, amid other things, generating trust. Trust develops where there exists respect for the values of one another.  The values deemed fundamental for collaborative joint effort encompass mutual respect, synergism, and trust.
Pluripotent Stem Cells Stem cells have elicited mixed reactions since they were discovered. This is because on one side they promise to revolutionize the field of medicine while on the other side they pose serious ethical issues. Consequently, research has been carried out but they are yet to be used in medical fields. Embryonic stem