The process of forming an environment of shared values and mutual respect between group members to maximize triumph of the patient care plan involves, amid other things, generating trust. Trust develops where there exists respect for the values of one another.  The values deemed fundamental for collaborative joint effort encompass mutual respect, synergism, and trust.
Pluripotent Stem Cells Stem cells have elicited mixed reactions since they were discovered. This is because on one side they promise to revolutionize the field of medicine while on the other side they pose serious ethical issues. Consequently, research has been carried out but they are yet to be used in medical fields. Embryonic stem
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the brain and it has no cure. It is a form of dementia that is common. It makes the brain cells to die and as it continues progressing, the ability to focus, concentrate and remember disappears. The affected
Article Summary The aim of the study by Haddad, Philip, Jeremiah and Carole (2011) is three-fold. First, they set out to evaluate the practicality of carrying out contact angle assessments on-eye via a new technique that employs the lab-based sessile drop methodology. Second, the study sought to evaluate two in vivo wettability variables for hydrogel
1880’s – 1887 The Congress charged the Marine Hospital Service (MHS) with the responsibility of preventing epidemics by screening all sea travelers for signs of yellow fever, cholera and other infectious diseases. Scientists in Europe discovered that microscopic organisms such as bacteria were responsible for the spread of infectious diseases such as cholera. Officials of
 Introduction The incidences of TB infections are today, increasing in patients that have tested HIV positive. The existence of TB is traced to many years in the ancient history of humanity. However, its occurrence alongside HIV patients today has raised more interests in the study of the association between HIV infection and TB. Such interests
Introduction Medicine is an important field because the objective of a medic is to save lives and to ensure that the environment is healthy and safe for all. Engineering on the other hand is a problem-solving profession, which aims at making work easier by introduction of simpler ways of doing things and synchronization of technology
Gout is a disorder that affects the joints located at the base of an individual’s big toe. Other joints affected by this disorder include knees, ankles, elbows, fingers, wrists, and heels among others. It occurs as a result of too much deposition of uric acid (tophi) forming crystal-like deposits in these joints. Various symptoms and
Abstract. The paper discusses what stem cell is and what they do, how the cells are applied by the medical practitioners to understand and use in a treatment of the range of diseases and injuries.  We discuss if the cells a possibly used in future in the treatment of heat-related illnesses. The special features of
The human reproductive system works in a complex manner with the sole purpose of reproduction. The process of reproduction is widely studied with a strong emphasis on both male and female reproductive systems taking the center stage in this analysis. The following analysis highlights the most important lessons and self-care that have been found interesting