Globalization has been on the upward surge especially in the late twentieth century into this twenty first century prompting any business ambitious enough to venture into expanding across regions and even countries. Expansion of a business can simply be viewed as implementing a strategy to increasing the products and/or services the company provides into new
Markedly, companies pursue marketing strategies to acquire several benefits, including staying ahead of the competition. Ideally, a marketing strategy is the overall game plan of a business that enables it to reach potential consumers and to convert them into customers who will then purchase the products that a company offers (Hollensen, 2010). To this end,
Notably, an organization needs to have a marketing strategy that incorporates both brand equity and brand positioning for the products that a particular company is offering to its customers or the market in general. Arguably, an effective marketing strategy leads to increase mutual understanding between the consumers and a company and increased awareness among the
Blendjet blender is a portable battery-operated blender used to make fresh smoothies, baby food and shakes. This blender has 6 stainless-steel blender blades that are durable and strong. It has a single button that makes operation easier by customers. Blendjet’s battery is a 2000mAh that can be charged through a USB port. Furthermore, blendjet has
Introduction The Covid-19 has impacted both small and big businesses adversely by shaking up business and consumer behavior on a significant scale. However, the presence of the pandemic does not mean all is lost as these firms can rethink their business strategies and take advantage of digital transformation and E-management to keep business alive. Some
The proliferation of technology has forced companies to develop products that improve the lives of customers and enable them to undertake day-to-day chores comfortably and efficiently. The continued use of domestic robots for different household applications such as gutter, personal aid, and floor cleaning represents a favourable background for introducing a robotic lawn mower to
Executive Summary GENICON, which is a company based in the U.S., was founded in 1998 by Gary Haberland. The company specializes in the production and distribution of disposable laparoscopic medical devices. The main concern for the company is the strategy to employ in order to gain competitiveness and how the company will be successful by
Perfume is a luxury product to many people and its consumption is dependent on satisfaction of basic commodities. Interviews were conducted on the consumers of the perfume in order to build a social-semiotic relationship. The market of luxury products have evolved (Meyers, 2004) and its limits are inaccurate thus cannot be measured (Roux 2007). Luxury
Introduction Exchange rates have effects on operating profit. Operating exposure is a major cause of variability in running profit and many resolutions depend on proficiency. During the long run, managers contemplate on operating exposure while strategizing and product planning. During the short run, understanding of operation exposure improves operating decisions. The monitoring of a business
Among the marketing strategies that Ryan Kuehl’s desires to implement is having control of their backyard in the supply and even adoption of the company sport products. This would play a critical role in giving confidence to other sections of the market on the company brand and even helping in having control of larger sections