Question 1: Supply chain management describes the managerial perspective on supply chain activities that maximize customer value and obtaining competitive advantage.  With continued transition in service economies in developed and developing countries, there are positive implications on the manufacturing supply chains. In the next 100 years, the supply chains processes are expected to advance into
Equity contracts are contracts in which the principal (shareholders) and agents (managers) have equal claim to profits and assets of the firm. Shareholders own a large fraction of the firm’s equity as compared to the managers therefore most of the profits that accrue to the firm will be shared among shareholders. Managers will therefore strive
Public administration is important in extending government services to the public or citizens in the right form. In the United States, a driving license is very important because it is also used as an identification card throughout the nation. On January 15, 2014, I witnessed effective public administration services in the issuance of a driving
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Production Outsourcing Outsourcing involves the process of contracting services from another business enterprise. This process is popular in the United States, whereby firms go to the extent of shifting workers or assets from one firm to another. However, the process is profitable to the company, but is associated with some demerits. This article discusses the
Introduction Purchasing is a very important task in any organization. The purpose of purchasing in business has changed from the postconviction that procuring is primarily the part to obtain products and services to satisfy the company’s requirements. To appreciate how this role has developed over the years, we need to know what purchasing entails beginning
Natural System Perspective The natural system perspective recognizes the fact that within organizations there are highly formal structures. However, unlike the rational system perspective, natural system perspective does not attach greater importance on formal structure, but rather on informal relations. An organization has both formal and informal authority. Formal authority refers to the controlled rights
How project management influence other departments and functions of McDonalds Project management significantly influences the departments and functions of McDonalds (Rad & Anantatmula, 2010). McDonalds as one of the global leading companies has a logistical operation stretching around the world market. Moreover, any major changes within the company’s departments are a significant undertaking for the
Every leader has a goal he/she intends to achieve in the place of work. Leaders have different styles, such as participative, autocratic, leizefeire, transactional, and translational leadership styles. Some leaders possess one or two leadership styles. The type of a leader that a person intends to be can be captured in a leadership vision statement.
Accomplishing our daily tasks, duties, and responsibilities is a difficult endeavor that requires one’s attention and drive to achieve the desired objectives or results. However, in most instances, hurdles, both expected and unexpected, could result in one having a difficult completing these tasks or duties, which could be considered as a failure and lead to