Why did GM Fail to Capitalize on the Successful Changes it implemented at NUMMI? Despite having sufficient managerial evidence and strategy about improving the quality of their cars and achieving its organizational goals, GM did not capitalize on the changes it implemented at NUMMI because its leadership, corporate culture, and strategy were not conducive. The
Question: How was the desired change identified? What was the reason for the change? Answer: Change in organization refers to the overall process of changing strategies, procedures, technologies and culture within an organization by the organizational leaders or management in order to a chieve desired goals or objectives (Tidd, & Bessant,2018). A change usually impacts
Strategic planning is the management of organizational resources to achieve a goal. A strategic plan is a document that communicates the organizations' goals and actions for achieving the desired outcome (Allison & Kaye 1). Strategic planning determines the organizations’ direction through prioritized efforts to achieve objectives. To accomplish desired results, organizational employees and stakeholders work
I will prefer the ISO 31000 to be used over the PM2 because the PM2 has complicated and complex steps, which are time consuming, compared to the PM2 model. ISO 31000 is superior compared to the PM2 in the sense that it focuses on the mitigation at the risk level rather than the PM2, which
Overview of the organization Hans Demant founded Oticon Holdings in 1904. The motivation behind the formation of his company came from the fact that his wife had a hearing impairment. After his return from the United States, he brought his wife one of the very first hearing aids. Shortly after, people started asking him to
Equity contracts are contracts in which the principal (shareholders) and agents (managers) have equal claim to profits and assets of the firm. Shareholders own a large fraction of the firm’s equity as compared to the managers therefore most of the profits that accrue to the firm will be shared among shareholders. Managers will therefore strive
Question 1: Supply chain management describes the managerial perspective on supply chain activities that maximize customer value and obtaining competitive advantage.  With continued transition in service economies in developed and developing countries, there are positive implications on the manufacturing supply chains. In the next 100 years, the supply chains processes are expected to advance into
Public administration is important in extending government services to the public or citizens in the right form. In the United States, a driving license is very important because it is also used as an identification card throughout the nation. On January 15, 2014, I witnessed effective public administration services in the issuance of a driving
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Production Outsourcing Outsourcing involves the process of contracting services from another business enterprise. This process is popular in the United States, whereby firms go to the extent of shifting workers or assets from one firm to another. However, the process is profitable to the company, but is associated with some demerits. This article discusses the