Introduction A supply chain is the link in which raw materials are obtained from the suppliers, delivered to the company for production, transferred to the distributors who transfer the product to retailers for final delivery to consumers for consumption (Gurnani, 2012). As it can be noted, the supply chain determines the company’s performance in the
Introduction The demand for competent supply chain management (SCM) practitioners has been increasing globally in virtually all branches of commerce and industry. This increase has been driven by globalization as well as the espousal of information and communication technologies. In the present business climate, the market has become small and very competitive, thereby compelling organizations
The importance of logistics in an organisation cannot be overlooked. Logistics plays a critical role, which ensures the inflow of necessary materials and facilities and outflow of commodities and services in the most effective manner. Normally logistics is responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring, and control of flow of commodities to ensure efficient and effective transportation
Challenges faced in supply chain integration at the global level and the solutions A supply chain is a network of firms, which supply the market with goods and services. They can either be joined at the domestic or global level. The challenges faced by global level supply chains include high transport costs, high-risk exposure, varied
Wal-Mart remains America’s largest retail store. The chain store has continued to retain its position due to low-cost products as well as a state of the art distribution system, store positioning and automated inventory that helps in moving products to every store. At the center of the stores operations, is logistics planning, an art of
CRM is crucial to the success of any business, and it involves influencing customer’s loyalty and retention by building trust and integrity (Knauss, 2010). It is about creating personal and emotional linkages, which make it easy for organizations to identify the customer’s actual needs and devise strategic ways to serve and satisfy the needs in
Multinationals face a variety of risks in trading across international borders. For a long time, estimating and calculating risks has proved to be a complex issue. Complexity is especially due to the fact that most of the risks are not only inestimable but also occur abruptly and without warning. There, is therefore barely any time
Period Demand Moving Average N=2 N=4 N=6 1 40       2 33       3 56       4 43       5 23       6 45       7 38 36.5 43 40 8 40 44.5 38.75 39.7 9 29 49.5 41.75 40.8 10 40 33
Introduction Strategic management allows the analysis of a firm’s internal as well as external environment to determine its competitive position (Turkay et al, 2011). Various tools are employed in such an analysis. In this assessment, however, the paper will focus on Porter’s 5 forces and an evaluation of Avon’s mission statement. Porter’s Five Forces Porter’s
Introduction In the current world, a higher percentage of the global human population uses slang language to enhance understanding during the communication process. A common way of verbal communication, the use of slang language involves a speaker sending messages to the listeners or audience through the use of non-standard words and phrases, which may not