Introduction White-collar crimes are crimes committed by people in their line of duty either in businesses or in government professionals. White-collar crimes are mostly committed to personal financial advantages and are frequently handled by people ranked with high social standards. The main purpose of the white-collar crime is securing a personal or business advantage, get
Organizational values and Culture Organizational values are the generally accepted standards or norms that guide the relationships between the members of an organization. All organizations have different values and cultures that help identify them. They could be written values and are passed on to new members of the organization or there could be normative values
INTRODUCTION A number of legislation has been put in the United Kingdom regarding health and safety practices. This laws have been implemented to improve safety in businesses and organizations. There are several approaches and control systems which can be put in place to manage hazards. UNITED KINGDOM LEGISLATION In the United Kingdom, strict guidelines have
Definition of Mediation Mediation can be defined as use of informal and non-documented approach in solving disputes. Litigation is the process of addressing issues or differences by use of a legal system. It follows the path of well documented laws as opposed to mediation. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Mediation Mediation
Introduction Mr. Smith’s arrest on the charges of possession of stolen property and burglary occurred even in the absence of a search warrant. Despite the violation of James Smith’s constitutional rights, various social, philosophical, and prior similar cases support the Court’s ruling to uphold the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Mopp v. Ohio
The US Commission on Civil Rights (CCR) was established in 1957 under the reign of president Dwight Eisenhower. The CCR was formed to investigate, report, and make recommendations on citizens' civil rights. These matters concerning civil rights are mainly investigations on inequity founded on gender, race, disability, nationality (Heriot, 2018). The public is informed about
Human and civil rights are essentials aspects of a nation's political system and individual rights. These rights are formulated in every country's justice system to guide institutions and the public. Historical and contemporary events promoting civil and human rights have played a significant role in shaping political systems and understanding the critical aspects of these
Over the years, magistrates in the courtrooms have had a significant share of power in delivering verdicts to the defendant. However, in recent years, the call to reform magistrates and reduce their power capacities has increased. It is noted that lay magistrates in courtrooms have issued more biased verdicts. On the contrary, laypeople have no
Considering the millions of services being provided, it is imperative to stand out in the commercial sector. Intellectual property, which includes intangible ideas, innovations, and usage, helps a company stand out from the competition and should be protected against competitors who could profit from it. This can be done by securing copyright, patents, and patents
US law and politics have long ignored women's demand for autonomy as citizens with equal rights to men. Women were not full rights-bearing citizens from Revolutionary-era republicanism to 19th-century democracy. A dispute in the Supreme Court, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, continued over a century after the 19th Amendment abolished sex as a legitimate barrier