Sample Paper on Questions Week 6

Q1. In Chapter 2 of Budd, on page 40, the author discusses ways in which the employer can reward ‘undemocratic’ practices. What does the author mean by this? Some companies do not allow their employees to enjoy economic independence while at work. These companies exercise their economic powers to control their employees to act according
Introduction When the high court of Canada released its Ontario v Fraser ruling in late April 2011, the labor movement had to reconsider whether a lawful policy of constitutionalizing the collective bargaining rights were still meaningful. During the 20th century, courts consistently restrained and penalized workplace organizing and militancy, bringing about disbelieve toward the judiciary
In the recent past, Canadians have experienced a huge erosion of their basic labor rights. Rights to have organized trade unions to enhance their collective bargaining have been violated through serious restrictions.  The Canadian government has enacted new laws and regulations as reforms to the labor relations act in key areas such as sick-leave benefits.