The history of Christian doctrine on Original sin is long and diverse. It has varied biblical, theological, and scientific approaches. Original sin remains important teaching and especially in Catholicism. It is intimately related to baptism and therefore an important topic of discussion. Catholic theology justification of Infant baptism is founded on original sin. Augustine as
Humanity is the study of human experience and their history. Historical data are collected from their daily activities. Human activities include philosophy, music, art, religion, language, history, and literature. These activities help a researcher in making a relationship between the past and the present situation and experiences that human beings are going through. This means
This brief study by DR. R. Ward Bissell, Associate Professor in the Department of the History of Art, was intended to be a general analysis of her work rather than a study of the position of “Baroque women” or of women painters (344). But in the course of his study, Professor Bissell surmised that the