Buckley, Ralf. “Sustainable Tourism: Research and Reality.” Annals of Tourism Research, 2012, pp. 528–546. Most tourism researchers initially turned their attention to social and environmental issues such as healthcare, environment, economy, and agriculture (Buckley 528). The research in science, environment, resource management, global change, human health, and economics is relevant to the achievement of sustainable
Essay Sample on We Can Live Without Petroleum Introduction Petroleum has transformed the world in different ways. The world credits a Canadian geologist, Dr. Abraham Gesner for establishing the petroleum industry in the year 1846. Gesner discovered that oil was a distillable element from coal, and would be separated to give kerosene for illuminant uses.
Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop Abstract The paper will address factors that underlie the development of new counselors as they develop to become professionals. Thus, this paper is aimed at revealing some of the fears and doubts that are experienced by those willing to become or are already training as
Research Paper Sample on Feminist Response to Sex Work Introduction Sex work is a common practice among some women. It has existed for a long time despite the efforts made towards reducing the vice. Some women engage in the act because they want while others are forced into it because of circumstances. Nevertheless, the vice

Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel

Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel Mission Statement The Floridas Hotel is a new business venture in Florida, whose target customers are motorcycle riders within the city. It is in the public domain that Florida offers amazing scenery for motorcycle riders with its wonderful features. In particular, the state is home to spectacular highways and
Research Paper Sample on Nonverbal Teaching Communication is a procedure of sending and receiving messages that empower mankind to share data, abilities as well as outlooks. It is made up of spoken and written dimensions. Nonverbal communication is an interaction without utilization of either speech or words. It entails ostensible manners that include facial gestures,
Research Paper on Operations Strategy and Process Design in Starbucks Coffee The element of operations management is extremely significant in any initiative. The corporation will encounter a management disaster in case the suitable structures are not present (Chaston 2009). The stages of success depend on the hard work of administration. The management has to figure
How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay Knowing how to write a rhetorical analysis essay entails understanding how an author implements different rhetorical techniques and tools in fulfilling the purpose of creating his or her work as well as how he/she effectively realizes this goal. A rhetorical analysis essay can be defined as an essay
What is a Term Paper? It refers to a paper that fits publishing. In the world of academia, a term paper denotes a research-based essay that is due at the end of the term. A term paper is longer than normal essays are requires more time, detailed combing of sources and strict structural organization. Writing
Response to the Project of Annecto Annecto refers to an organization whose activities entail working with people in different communities both communally and at the individual level. This organization aims at identifying favorable approaches for society in providing support services among families and individuals as well as performing voluntary tasks. It aims at establishing connections