Political biographers and historians have continued to emphasize that the competitive political system in the Gilded Age is characterized by fraud and corruption. Others have a contrary view, arguing that the considerable decline in voter turnout statistics since the early 20th century is an indication of significant reduction or elimination of widespread election fraud that
The industrial revolution improved the economic status of Americans, creating jobs that were more industrial for the natives and the immigrants who were attracted by the availability of opportunities to work (Brynjolfsson & McAfee, 2011). People moved from rural areas and the population in urban centers increased rapidly for the desire to earn an income.
Most African nations had gained independence in the period between1945 and 1960. Some of the nations build a new relationship with their former colonial masters with others contesting decolonialization military. The process collided with the cold war period that was between the Soviet Union and United States as well as that of the early development
Harlem Renaissance describes the African Americans‘ cultural, artistic and social outpouring that took place in the decade following the end of World War I.  It was fuelled by the Great Migration, a process through which several African Americans migrated from the south to the northern areas (Jarrett 776). The immigrants were looking for jobs as
Professor Kuhlman and Woodworth Neys writings on women suffrage are similar in certain aspects. Both scholars portray women as playing a critical role in post-war periods and their attempts to reconcile the First World War animosities. Both scholars base their arguments on historical women injustices and gender inequality before and during World War 1. Contrary,
Greek Empire Greek is among one of the empires that have been studied through history because of the contribution and impact it has influenced in the whole world through history to the modern days. It has had major achievements as well as major losses and the impact of every aspect of the empire has influenced
Labor discrimination is a form of discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, disability, and religious background. According to classical economists, discrimination of labor is harmful to the workers since workers of the same level may be treated differently. A study carried out by the university of Michigan law school showed that there existed a wide
The perception of Roman life tends to revolve around the city, whether in Rome or any other city. However, many people resided on the countryside to grow crops that supported the cities. The countryside was a place to retire and to be connected with nature. The Romans are ardent clients of Greek culture. They also
As the headline suggests, this letter is written for the purpose of granting Christopher Columbus the privileges and prerogatives to discover and conquer vast lands that include islands and continents. Columbus is required to be the most powerful person over all those places that he will conquer. He is also supposed to function as the
Great Legends The history of legends tickles the mind of everyone with sensation and adoration. Men who made great histories of war and peace, men who lead their people across rivers of great challenges in tumultuous periods, their record still remains. Men like, Red Cloud, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, George Custer and Ulysses Grant laid a