1. What does a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) do and how do they operate? Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) performs the function of administering plans for drugs prescription for the Americans with health insurance covers from sponsors such as Medicare Part D plans, state government employee plans as well as Federal Employees Health Benefits Program among
Introduction Working in healthcare field requires one to work cooperatively and efficiently with his co- workers and other stakeholders. A single visit requires collaboration among multidisciplinary group of clinicians, administrative staff, patients and their loved ones. This maybe through direct or indirect interaction and also communicating information to the team. There are different types of
Health facilities should also ensure that nurses have safe working conditions. The environment should be as conducive as possible for nurses to dispatch their service (Iglehart, 2013) . Nurses are best suited to address all issues revolving around dispensing healthcare services. Nurses' innovation care delivery role is committed to ensuring that disease prevention efforts are
Depression is a widespread mental health problem and is estimated to affect three hundred and fifty million people worldwide. Depression is associated with negative psychosocial outcomes, reduced productivity and decreased quality of life and well-being, and is predicted to be the world's second leading cause of disease burden by the year 2020. In addition, health
Introduction Many governments around the world have made attempts of going to the drawing board and crafting Medicare plans. The main aim of the Medicare plans is to provide medical services to the patients at highly subsidised prices Kohler & Baghdadi-Sabeti (2005). Majority of the beneficiaries of Medicare plans are the vulnerable groups in the
Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections The Catheter-associated UTI refers to the introduction of the catheter-associated bacteriuria in the urinary tract of a patient during a medical operation. According to Tatham, Macfarlane, MacRae, Tully, and Craig (2015), the Cather-associated UTI results from the widespread of urinary catheterization that is not advised in different healthcare settings in hospital
Outline the organization structure USAG Walker, Wood army medical clinic, located in South Korea is a military clinic that is operated on a lean structure. The organization is headed by an officer in charge that is responsible for all the operations of the institutions. There are head nurses for every department that works in close
Diabetes mellitus is a life-time condition caused by deficiency of insulin secretion which results into increased sugar level. It is a major cause of blindness, heart attack, stroke and lower limp amputation affecting all age sets and sex. Its symptoms include excessive excretion of urine, thirst, constant hunger, weight loss and fatigue. Although there is
Health Care Politics in USA: Analyzing Persuasive Language Language and its use has over the years proven complex than heard or read on the face. It is vital that the target audience appreciates the deeper content and message(s) intended (Fairclough, Norman). Politicians particularly have mastered the art of calculated communication – they are either deliberately
Nursing is a profession where a specially trained group of individuals in the health care sector take care of the sick, protect, and promote better health care standards, and generally engage in alleviating human suffering through monitoring and diagnosing illnesses for the benefit of the entire community. Regular contact between the nursing fraternity and the