Question one Precambrian shield is a large area of low elevation that forms the continental masses. Precambrian rocks show proof of powerful metamorphism. One of the largest Precambrian shields is found in Canada North America. Some of the Precambrian shields are found in Arizona North America (Plado, 88). Question two The planet earth shows scarring

Sample Essay on Brownfields

Brownfields refer to pieces of land that may be abandoned, underused, or lying idle and may be contaminated with pollutant waste. Such land may have previously been used for industrial and commercial purposes and could as well be having the potential of being reused if it could be redeveloped. Upon redevelopment, brownfields become potential for
Changing Contexts of Social Policy in UK The conservative led government is made up of a coalition of parties that came into formation in the 1980, this coalition’ s policies strongly believe in support, freedoms, and responsibility within the United Kingdom Society. The New rights on the other hand, is a political and academic approach
The Himalayas is one the highest points in South Asia with over 110 peaks. Its formation was e3a result of the collision between two continental tectonic plates: the Indo-Australian and the Eurasian plates. The collision’s resultant pressure caused the skyward thrusting of plates; hence, the jagged Himalayan peaks were formed. There are two types of

Sample Essay on Petroleum Engineer

As a petroleum engineer, there are a number of duties I would like to perform after graduation as outlined below. The first task is to compile development plans for the company as well as the industry. This will ensure that there is a maximum economic benefit to the society and the oil company. It is
GEOSPHERE 1: During the Pinatubo eruptions, there were massive pyroclastic flows that spread from the volcano covering up to a distance of 2-3 miles. They were made of hot masses of rocks and gasses, viscous in nature, and could move over 400 mph. This led to the destruction of the tropical vegetation as well as
Scientists are predicting that in coming years, there would be fewer continents. According to Broad (1), the Mediterranean is going to vanish. Thereafter the Red Sea together with sea life and the magnificent coral reefs will fade away. San Francisco will have a coarse neighborhood as Los Angeles. The southern region of California will drift
Introduction Israel and America have had a long-term agreement that has resulted in peace and enmity within the Gulf region. The relationship between Israel and America has both united and created differences within the Geopolitical axes. Both parties had personal demands in the Gulf region. Israel had to collaborate with America to overcome its enemies

Sample Essay on the Pinatubo

The collaborations that led to the successful evacuation of the area surrounding Pinatubo were of extreme importance to ensuring the safety of man and property alike. These important collaborations between the military, the local government, and the scientists were, however, dependent on human collaborative acumen. During the initial moments when the eruption was yet a
Water is definitely an essential resource in the life of any living thing. Personally, freshwater resources play vital roles in my life, especially concerning my health. The freshwater that comes from Floridian aquifer serves a major function of providing safe drinking water to the residents in Florida. As such, this reduces the chances of contacting